Friday, November 03, 2006

Product Quickie: Red Lips and Lace

Hello! Here's a new feature where I talk about a bunch of products really fast, so that my supervisor doesn't catch me blogging I can dish about upcoming deals, update on previous reviews, and all that good stuff in a timely manner.

So, remember how I liked the L'Oreal Color Juice & Maybelline Moisture Extreme lipsticks? And how I said I couldn't wait until Fall to try out the Cherry Freeze shade of Color Juice? Well, Fall is here!



I decided that Cherry Freeze doesn't really work on it's own, it's just too bright for me. But! Pair it with the kinda-dull Plum Wine shade of Moisture Extreme and you've got yourself the perfect, customizable berry-red shade! I swipe on Plum Wine first, then tap Cherry Freeze on top. Hawt.

The Good? Super moist and comfy. Your lips smell like a raspberry-watermelon bomb for the 10 seconds during application, which is cool.

The Bad? Put that coffee cup down, this stuff doesn't stay put. But it's pretty. And Moisture Extreme lipsticks are only $4 at Shoppers' (this Sunday only!), so you can afford to re-apply.

Also: Stand aside, Paris, Britney, and Hilary... there's a new kid on the block. Well, kinda. Danielle Steele has joined the ranks of the celebrity-beauty-elite and has released a new fragrance.

Danielle is described as a lush, fresh floriental with watery green notes, an ultra-feminine floral heart, and a rich base that reveals "darker facets". So... a fruity floral with a musk base... no one is surprised. At least the bottle looks nice.

However, I do want a sample of this really really bad, just so I can write a review like this:
She shuddered as the musky base note rippled through her, igniting those dark facets once hidden by the soft innocent florals. The burst of mandarin that had drawn him in was fleeting... bright. But its carefree facade, torn apart by passion, now lay scattered at their feet like their inhibitions. His strong arms lifted up her Blue Vetiver dress, tenderly, insistently, and he tasted her White Amber skin. His tongue, silken like Cashmere Musk, gently teased her neck...

Come on! That would be way so much fun to write. Except I live in Canada, and can't get a free sample of it. But you lucky Americans can! Just go visit the flash-a-rama website and fill out the form. Interestingly, Danielle Steele waxes poetic about the bottle and the packaging, but doesn't say a single thing about the juice itself. Maybe she was just too hot & bothered over the suggestively phallic bottle to even notice the scent...

Well that was just too much fun. I'm off to take a cold shower or something. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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At 12:55 p.m., Blogger noelle said...

Would you know what shade Eva Longoria used for the Loreal Color Juice Stick Ad? I bought from a duty free shop just a month ago and I completely forgot which one the saleslady recommended to me! I'm pretty sure it's one of the darkest shades though...Thanks!

At 2:24 p.m., Blogger The Glitterati said...

Hi Noelle, I don't remember seeing an Eva Longoria ad for this one... all the ones I've seen have Mila Jojovich in them. I know Eva did an ad for L'Oreal's "Star Secrets" line, a caramel-y shade, if I recall correctly.

In the Colour Juice Sticks, the closest to that would probably to Chai Love You, but I'm not sure that it's one of the darkest shades. The darker ones in the line are Plum Crazy (have not tried) or Berry Spritzer.

Hope that helps, and please send me a pic of the Longoria ad if you happen across it!


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