Friday, November 03, 2006

I blame sleep deprivation

So, we had a lovely re-cap of ANTM last night. Who knew that AJ had such a penchant for holding her own head under water? (It reminds her of, like, the womb...) And who knew Amanda actually had, you know, a personality? And who knew that Monique was actually clinically annoyingly crazy? (Oh... wait...)

I'm glad they showed all that "Never Before Seen Behind-the-Scenes Footage!!!", because now I'm less miffed that Jaeda's still around. That Tyra impersonation's worth her stayin around for couple episodes at least. And "rock n' roll" Megg needs to get some "therapy". To her credit, mascara dribbles are totally hard core.

Ya know, since the start of this season (I am NOT calling it a cycle until you stop showing your armpits, Tyra!), I've been saying over and over that Christian looks exactly like Usher, except female. Everyone just stared at me, and pronouncing it "Ursher" like Lil' Jon (YEEEAHH!) didn't help. The more I said it, the blanker the stares...

...because by "Usher", I meant, of course, "Pharrell".

Oh wow, I am so not cool.

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