Friday, November 12, 2010

Use your munchies for good

Hey dudes and dudettes, check out this cool initiative of Cadbury's:

Every time you have a Caramilk or Diary Milk bar, Maynards candy, Dentyne, Stride or Trident gum, and Halls, you can help send a bike to a kid in Africa!

Simply enter the UPC code at the The Bicycle Factory website, and watch that code transform into a virtual bike part. 100 bike parts equals a complete bicycle, to be sent to Ghana, where it will help a child get to and from school! They need our help to reach their 5000-bicycle target!

How neat is that! And YES, I am hereby giving you permission to go buy and consume lotsa chocolate and candy. It's for a good cause! And you only have until November 14th to do it, so get on it already!

Sugary kisses,

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