Thursday, April 15, 2010

Michael Kors would throw a slushie at that.

So! The return of Glee happened. Is it any surprise that I am a huge Gleek? I think not. And of course, my fave character is Kurt.

I mean, just look at this boy. Perfection.

But during the half-season 'premier', this happened:

Um, what is this shapeless monstrosity? Is he hiding a neck-brace under there? Have the writers decided to take Kurt in an geriatric-fending-off-pneumonia direction?

Fortunately, Glee's costume designer Lou Eyrich explains:
"It's a turtleneck scarf by Michael Kors. I think we got it at Barney's. [...] It's such a delicious piece, but it wasn't worn right. I wasn't on set that day, so it was worn wrong. It was wrapped twice, but it's supposed to wrap once and then the ends hang down in front."

Whew! I can only imagine the professionalism and focus Chris Colfer had to muster to endure the entire scene accessorized like that.

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