Friday, November 27, 2009

PSA: 3 for $30 at The Body Shop Canada!! Today only!!

Sorry for the exclaimation marks, dudes!!

But seriously, I flipped my lid when I saw this deal at a recent trip to the US, and now they are hosting the sale in Canada too! Today only (Friday Nov 27), you can get ANY 3 items for $30 (excluding gift sets). Amazing! And if you happen to spend over $100, you might as well get their Love Your Body savings card. It costs $10, but since you save 10% off your purchase when you buy the card, it's free if you spend over $100 in a single purchase. And then you get a yummy 10% savings on any Body Shop purchase for the following year, plus a sweet birthday gift.

I swear they're not paying me to say this, but get yer butts down to a Body Shop! Surely you can pick out a few Body Butters and Shower Gels to use as stocking stuffers if nothing else. Me, I went with 4 Body Butters (Olive, Nut, Strawberry, and Africa Spa Hand & Foot Balm), plus a Vitamin C serum (double duties as a primer!) and a bottle of their new-ish Moroccan Rose perfume (which I may need a backup of, I love so much). And now, though I've got papers and abstracts to write, and credit card bills to pay, I'm itching to go shopping AGAIN.

[EDIT: Oh yeah, get the Kabuki brush people! It is such a luxe thing, and an incredible steal at what works out to be just $10.]

Hurray, the sweet-ass American deals are finally spreading up north! But don't sit here reading, dash quickly to your nearest (Canadian) Body Shop, this deal is good for in-store purchases only, and will be gone, gone, GONE come tomorrow!

PS: Bonus PSA - all Old Navy jeans are just $20 tomorrow only. Diva-fit skinny legs will be MINE!

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