Monday, October 19, 2009

Show your boots who's boss

Dudes, it's frickin' freezing around here. We should not be spending a good chunk of October on the minus side of the thermometer. If I wanted to wear Winter clothes during the Fall, I wouldn't have left Calgary, duh!

Ah well. Griping aside, one of the absolute bestest parts about Fall is that I get to wear boots again and not look like a crazy person. These past seasons with the short booties? Were the fashion equivalent of an embolism for me. Hated them! Even the mid-calf ones, I dislike. The point of lovely sleek boots is to elongate those gams, not chop 'em off at the shins! Anyway, with the recent trend towards boots that hit just below, or even over, the knee, I am sighing happy gurgling sighs of pleasure and delight and vindication. (Yes, I totally dig the dominatrix-esque over-the-knee look. No I don't have attachment issues.)

I have a sort of problem with boots, in that I buy them by the bucketful. But, alas, buckets are decidedly NOT the way to properly store boots. How then, to deal with these lovely creations, that when not being worn, flop maddeningly over your shoe racks?

Well, in seasons past, my general method was to:
1) Remove boots from feet.
2) Leave on floor, tops of boots in a mishappen heap.
3) Step all over the tops trying to leave the house.
4) Trip.
5) Curse loudly.
6) Fling boots at wall.
7) Hang head in remorse for being a boot (and wall-finish) abuser.

But this year? This year is different, my friends. I read the single most amazing home-organization tip of the year:

Roll up a magazine, and stuff it inside your unworn boot! The boot leg stays nicely in shape, and you can finally fit your boots neatly on your shoe rack! It is frickin' genius!

And now, my lovely darling tall boots are all lined up like the shiny treasures they are. I was so inspired by this bout of tidyness that I even sprayed weatherproofing stuff on all my shoes. Plus, I save so much time when leaving the house now, what with the not tripping and cursing and wiping shoe marks off my calves and the walls. Who knew those old issues of The National Enquirer The New Yorker would come in so handy?

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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Product Review: Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolor

Hey guys and dolls, how's it going? Can't believe it's October already. Seriously, the thought of this being my Supposed-Last-Year-of-Grad-School makes me want to cry hysterically and vomit. Vomit hysterically? Yeah, pretty much. There's so much work left that it seems impossible to fit it all in. So in typical Glitterati fashion, I turn back to frivolous things as cosmetics and fashion and getting-drunk-in-the-afternoons* as ways of escape.

As you may have noticed, the makeup posts (okay, posts in general) have been sorely lacking. Part of this can be attributed to what I call the "product plateau". This occurs when I have accumulated so much makeup, in so many shades, formulas, and textures, that I am drained of the slightest desire to purchase anything else. Sure, I'll buy some foundation and concealer when I run out, but I stick to the tried-and-true, and so am not inclined to post about these favourites again. 'Tis a sad sad day indeed when a self-proclaimed beauty junkie goes to the drugstore to buy conditioner, and actually leaves with just conditioner.

Fortunately for me, and the North American economy, Fall has arrived! As chilly rain sweeps through the days, I am again inspired to spend my hard-earned dollars on all things vain and unnecessary. God bless the September issues.

True to self, the first thing I was drawn towards was lipstick. Sure, I have a gadzillion rich berry/vampy lip colours already, but c'mon, that was so 2 years ago. When I saw that Maybelline had launched a mass-market knock-off of Lancome's ColorFever lipsticks, I knew one had to be mine.

Maybelline's Colour Sensation lipsticks bear a similar chic casing to their pricier sisters -- a shiny metal tube encased in a clear Lucite cap. Unlike the Lancome lippies though, the jewel-toned caps of Color Sensation lipsticks match the color-family of the lipstick within. Red lippies get a red cap, plums get a purple cap, neutrals get an amber cap, and pinks get a fuschia cap. Cute, yes?

To celebrate the season, I picked up a tube in Plum Perfect. Swiped on directly from the tube, it's a dark, intense, blue-tinged plum. Like a dark, seductive wine. I'd wear it this way if I was in a Scorch-The-Earth mood, or if I was feeling a bit punky. However, pat a finger over your lips repeatedly, and the shade softens into a sophisticated stain. Still rich and still a "statement" colour, but elegant enough so that you could easily wear it to work. It leaves a nice clean line, and doesn't seem to bleed or feather much either. Truly perfect for Fall and Winter.

Like the Colour Fever lipsticks, Color Sensational Lipcolour is a relatively moisturizing lippie. Because it's not gel-based, it's less smooth and smooshy than Maybelline's Moisture Extreme lipsticks. But, because it's not gel-based, it also lasts a heck of a lot longer. Still, I think most ladies will want to put a nice moisturizing lipbalm underneath.

Sidebar: I've heard that some people find these lipsticks to have a really unpleasant, waxy smell to them. I don't find this to be a problem with my tube -- it has a mild lipsticky smell to it -- slightly waxy, I suppose, but not really scented at all. However, I smelled some other colours in the store, and the neutral shades do seem prone to this. So, sniff before you shell out, I guess.

Congrats to Maybelline for this solid effort. At $9 or $10 CAD, it's on the pricey side for a drugstore lipstick, but it is a quality product. I would not hesitate to get it again on sale, smell issues notwithstanding.

But most of all, it's just nice to break out of a makeup rut a little, you know?

* Not really.**
** Okay, yes really. Do as I say, not as I do, folks.