Sunday, September 24, 2006

I Just Can't Stay Away...


Hi y'all. Okay, so I know you're all still just starting to contemplate fall cozies and knee high boots and whatnot*, but if you'll cast an eye to the festivites past Halloween, you'll realize that the Christmas Season is bearing upon us like a super-sonic Japanese bullet train.**

And! What better way to get you and yours in the Yuletide mood than with the BEST CHRISTMAS CD EVER? That's right. Emilie-Claire Barlow, my personal idol and hero, has announced a release date for her brand spankin' new Christmas album, titled "Winter Wonderland". On the morn of October 17th, you'll be sure to find me clawing at the door of my local record store to get my very own copy!

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Emilie-Claire Barlow, in case you don't know, is an extremely talented jazz vocalist and voice actor. (Remember those spiffy new "Christmas at the Bay" ads last year? With the whole "Jingle Bells we shake / Fa-La-La we sing" jingle that was beyond infectious? Yep, that was our girl Em!) And yeah, I know many of you might not be into the jazz, but... well, try it, you might like it! Christmas is a jazzy kind of time anyway. At the very least, this will certainly make an impressive stocking stuffer for some lucky person in your life, or a cheery and polished soundtrack for those fabulous Christmas parties you'll no doubt be throwing. (And hello, the cover art is gawr-geous, yes?)

Her albums in the past have always packed some powerhouse talents in the band department as well, and from what I have heard of Winter Wonderland, it won't be an exception. Don't believe me? Here, take a listen!

So yeah, clearly I lurrrrve her. Her crystal-clear voice, flutey delivery, and super-tight articulation are just beyond compare. Add a charming stage presence to all that, and you can see why I let forth a mighty roar of despair when I found out that she's scheduled a show for Nov. 8th -- a date when I may well be far across the pond in Scotland. (Hi Erin!) Oh well, that's a ways away yet, so who knows?

Okay okay, I promise I'll go back to work now. Maybe. I just couldn't contain my excitement! Eeeeeee!

* Fall! I love Fall! Gloves! Scarves! Boots, people! For the love of puppies and kittens, BOOTS!!!!

** Okay, not really. Maybe it's more like a moderately-paced streetcar, or perhaps a tandem bicycle. Festive!

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At 2:58 p.m., Anonymous Erin of Scotland said...

oOOOoOOOoOOoH! Glitter, if you're coming to Scotland, you've gotta let me know :))) Most of my friends 'live inside my computer' at the mo, but I love meeting them in person :) (plus I'm a little lonely here, away from my posse in Australia)

I've also travelled quite extensively about Scotland, and I know all the good spots (and castles!!) to visit ;)

But that aside -- I'm definitely going to check out this CD. I LOVELOVELOVE Christmas music. Maybe it smacks of childhood dreams.. or to do with my being part of a fund-raising choir which really made a tropical Christmas a few years ago feel magical and snowy.. but whatever it is, I looooove them. I've already started singing them! (This phenomenon generally begins in June ;)

If you're after any other decent Christmas music - an oldie, but one of my favourite 'contemporary' CDs is Amy Grant's 'Home for Christmas'. If you get a chance, check out the track 'Breath of Heaven' - it's stunning.

And on that note - I'm gonna dig it out of my CD pile and have a listen ;)

At 6:55 a.m., Blogger The Glitterati said...

Erin, I LOVE Christmas CDs too. Especially the cheesy ones... doing Christmas shows was so much fun, all boppin' to N'Sync. I remember one number where we all wore neon wigs, like the Who's. Classic.

Incidentally, Amy Grant's "Heart In Motion" was the very first cassette (not even a CD!) that I purchased!

Ooooh, where in Scotland are you? (You can email me at brainspammer AT gmail DOT com if you like) If everything works out right, I'll be going to Glasgow. I went to Edinburgh many summers ago, and it was just unbelievably beautiful. I didn't get to try a deep-fried Mars Bar last time, so that will definitely be on the agenda this trip.

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