Sunday, September 10, 2006

Product Review: DERMAdoctor Wrinkle REVENGE eye balm

Today's review is brought to you by Meg's Makeup. Go here to read a condensed version of the review, or to see what other gals thought of the product!

aka: The Road to Recovery, and a Farewell... For Now.

Hello fellow BrainSpammers! It's been a while, hasn't it? It looks like it's gonna get worse before it gets better, but first, a way super long-overdue review!

The kind folks over at Meg's Makeup sent over this lovely little jar of eye cream aeons ago. And I sure have taken my sweet time getting around to talking about it. But look! What lovely packaging! The glass jar feels sturdy, and its smooth curves convey both a clean modern sexiness and the sense of "Hey look, I was designed by an MD!" which makes me very happy indeed.

See, the thing is, with a skincare product, I like to use it a fair bit before reviewing it. Unlike a lipstick or a perfume, I can't really tell right away how effective it is. Add this to the fact that at 23, eye-cream has not quite made it into my daily routine yet*, and well... you can see that it took a while to get to know DERMAdoctor's Wrinkle REVENGE eye balm**.

Anyway. What with my recent late nights and vaguely jet-setting (car-setting??) behaviour, I was in need of some serious skincare repair. Constantly sleeping in makeup (BAD G!!) will result in unfortunate breakouts, and melodramatic evenings will result in itchy, puffy, and otherwise irritated eyes, no matter how valiant one's mascara may be.

As such, I found myself reaching for Wrinkle REVENGE quite often these past few days. I've used a few other eye-creams before, but none have felt as luxurious as this one. Wrinkle REVENGE goes on thick like butter, but doesn't feel heavy or greasy. It sinks in fairly quickly, and after 5 minutes or so, I'm good to go with putting on concealer and all that shebazz.

The best part about this stuff has to be how soothing it feels. I wasn't expecting this level of comfort from a cream... usually, I look to eye gels to soothe tired eyes. But Wrinkle REVENGE is truly a comforting balm for weary lids. It is also supposed to decrease puffiness (well yes, it does a bit, although I was not mega-puffy to begin with) and reduce dark circles (sadly, not so much that I've seen).

Wrinkle REVENGE is scent-free and seems like it'd be great for sensitive skins. And it has extracts of White Tea and Grape Seed, so that makes me feel all healthy-nature-goddess and stuff inside, which is good***. I vaguely recall that these things are hawked as good cancer-busting ingredients, although I don't quite know about that. The important thing is that I really love how it feels on my skin, because in all honesty, isn't that 7/9ths of the battle?

Oh, and for the breakouts? Clean & Clear's Advantage Acne Spot Treatment. It's not magic, but it's as close to it as I have found. Plus, it smells nice. Those of you in the States are lucky to be paying just $6 for it; up here, it's in the $10-$12 range. But it does work like nothing else I've tried, so it's well worth it.

It is with a tear in my well-moisturized eye-area, my friends, that I bid you adieu temporarily. Life (more specifically: thesis deadline and the new school term) is getting in the way of blogging. The nerve! Anyway, I will no doubt be back to blather away about all things makeup and Benji, but you will have to kindly allow 4 to 6 weeks for new posts to arrive. In the mean time, take care of yourselves! I will miss you, but I will see you soon!

Much love,

* Yes yes, I know, "prevention". Dudes, I am LAY-ZEE, you know? But an eye cream this nice sure makes it easier to hop on that bandwagon.

** I do love the random CAPS in the title. I honestly do. I am of the firm belief that "revenge" should always be represented typographically as "REVENGE", with optional excalimation marks for atmosphere.

*** Holy sweet syrupy Moses, I just found out that 1 oz. of this is $68-freakin' dollars!!! AMERICAN!!! For that price, I should also be feeling WonderWoman-esque super powers. The bonus is that I am now compelled to use it every day, morning and night, as the though of letting such a pricey product go to waste is just appalling to me. Silky smooth eyelids, here I come!

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At 6:37 p.m., Anonymous Erin of Scotland said...

Aww, I've been in that Thesis mode myself. Worst year of my life. Seriously. So, my heart goes out to you!! Look forward to seeing you back, cheerfully posting about make-up and Benji :))))

Good luck!!

At 11:15 a.m., Blogger Kat said...

By my dear! I will miss you muchly! If you are every crazy stressed and need to vent drop me an email!
Hoping it is closer to 4 weeks rather than 6!!
Good luck with all the Thesis madness, you will rule it I am sure!

Kat (o=

At 10:06 p.m., Blogger The Glitterati said...

Erin: Benji-and-thesis kindred! Nice to see that people *do* come out of thesis year alive! Thanks! ;)

Kat:Thanks for the well wishes! I'm hoping it's closer to 4 weeks too (as does the ol' supervisor, I'm sure)!


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