Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Hi gang! I feel so bad that I didn't get a chance to post more this week... I was going to talk about the SexyBack number from last week, because I loved it so. It's a bit late now, but I just thought it was so tight, and so much fun. Travis & Donyelle especially stood out for me, but all 4 were just fantastic. We can only hope tonight's show will feature an equally-awesome beginning number!

Which, brings us to tonight! EEEEEE!!!!! I wonder what they will do to fill 2 whole hours? (I didn't see last season's show, so I don't know how the format goes.) Will we get to see super-duper-secret-previously-unreleased rehearsal footage? I hope so. It'd be really great if all the contestants came on for one last kumbaya group dance, sort of like how they do on Idol. Maybe we'll see a cat fight between Dimitry and Joy! Rawr!

As circumstances dictate, I will be watching the show in the presence of A Boy tonight. I really should warn him about the inevitable squealing and thrashing. The good people living at York Residences: I appologize. Poor folks won't know what's hit them. (BENJI SCHWIMMER, BITCHES! THAT'S WHAT HIT YOU!!!! MWAH!!!)

"Prince of Swing"? How about... King of Hearts! Go Benji Go Benji Go!

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