Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Well Shiver Me Limber, Maties!

Ok, so how much did I freakin' LOVE that "Travis you're so limber" sign? So much! (What was the phrasing exactly? I was laughing too hard to remember!) Of course, it would have been better had it been for Benji, but hey, as one raving lunatic fan to another, props to you, Travis-sign-maker!

Hoo boy, where do I even begin? Oh, I know: Dimitry. I know I might get some hate for this, but can the boy please close his goddamn shirt already. Look, I like tight (toight!) abs as much as the next red-blooded hetero female, but enough is enough. It's getting to be sleazy and cheap, which is fine if you're, say, someone whose name rhymes with Haris Pilton, but Dimitry, you actually HAVE talent, so please take the high road. The down-to-the-navel Versace look has been done already. If J-Lo is over it, it's time to move on.

Whew! I felt like I was writing for one of those hissy entertainment/fashion rags for a sec! How fun!

Donyelle was just incredible tonight, I thought. During the second number (Samba?), her look at the end was just smoldering. I love how she looks so hard and tough during her solo, but accepts compliments with such ladylike graciousness. Love love love!

I also thought Heidi was on fire tonight (what else is new?). She made Travis seem so very manly when he was walking around her as she was crumpled on the floor during the Pasa Doble. And how heartbreaking was her frustration at the Contemporary performance? I completely don't understand Contemporary, but I actually could make sense of their routine, and felt almost moved by it! (That's grand praise coming from someone whose emotional outbursts are usually reserved for one Benji Schwimmer and really good lipglosses) Plus, it didn't involve, like, pirates and shit, so that's good. (Seriously Mia. WTF???)

And of course, there's... Benji. Oh Benji. Benji and his great balls of fire. (Yeeeeow!) That solo was divine, but the first Jazz number? Where he is in thin loose white pants and a shirt that reveals such delightful slices of abdominal muscles when he's flipping and stretching? I think my grasping hand almost went through the TV. Dimitry could take a hint from the master -- sometimes, less is more. A glimpse keeps you wanting and guessing, instead of having a roomful of girls holler "GAH!" and turn their heads away in unison at your overexposed torso, as was witnessed in Casa del Glitter tonight.

Oh, and Natalie? Get thee and thy ample cleavage AWAY from ma' man, 'aight? I mean, I like you and all, but I will only tolerate that kind of blatant flirting from Donyelle, you hear me you floozy?

Finally: did anyone else snicker when Cat made porn eyes at Nigel and called him a "hard hard man"? Or am I just perverted from hanging around boys too much? Yeah, I thought so.

And please check this out. Some girl learned Benjyelle's Broadway number from last week (You Can't Stop The Beat from Hairspray). It's both hilarious and impressive, because she actually truly did learn the whole thing. Crazy! You go girl! (I did NOT just say that!)

Alright folks, G out!

PS: Naaa-nanananaaaa-nananananananananana! Nanananaaaa!



At 1:28 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank god I'm not the only one who is totally over dmitry and his lack of clothing
pleease it's just tacky
and it's annoying
it makes us girl fans seem stupid
I like good dancing, period
if I want to see purty abs I'll go see porn

At 8:24 a.m., Anonymous Benji's Real Girl said...

mmmmmm white pants and blue shirt. Most wonderful dance attire ever. He looked very snuggly and I enjoyed the jazz routine. The hip-hop...not so much.

Was Benji trying to sneak a kiss to Cat as he walked off the stage? I think we might have to worry about her more than Natalie and her "ample cleavage."

It seemed to me that last night was really Travis'night. He and Heidi were amazing. I felt a little badly that she didn't seem to have much to do in the Contemporary routine, but they were really hot.

And I totally groaned in disgust when I saw Dmitry's shirt was unbuttoned for his last dance. I hadn't really been offended by it before, but I guess the power of Nigel's suggestion is strong. Scary.

At 9:42 a.m., Blogger Cowgirl Warrior said...

Yes I agree that Dmity needs to button his shirt, what was with the what's her name judge calling him Dimitrius? I loved the Russian though, I felt for the guy...surrounded by American english speakers. Finally someone from the home land.
Benji and Heidi kicked ass, I was very impressed with both. Travis rocked as well. Donyelle is a superstar.
My predictions for who gets booted tonight goes to Martha and Ryan. Neither looked like they had any passion left.

At 3:09 p.m., Blogger The Glitterati said...

Anon@2:28: Yay, more of us!! If I were a huge Dimitry fan, I'd be a bit embarrassed to admit it... just in case people think I'm taken by the gratuitous ab shots, you know?

BRG: "Snuggly" is a completely outstanding and daydream-inducing way of describing it. I caught that Benji/Cat thing too... it seemed like he was playfully snarling or something?? Snarl this way, Benji dear! Your women are HERE, dammit!

It was cool to see Travis showcased... somehow, I don't think he got that much attention when he was paired with Martha.

I didn't really mind the Dimitry thing until he ripped open his bloody Hawaiian or paisley or whatever shirt. That was just... ick. And it was half a beat after the "So You Think You Can Dance" jingle. I mean, if it'd been on the beat, then maybe I'd have hated it less. But as it was, it felt like a "Oh hey, why don't I just whore out my abs for votes? Yeah!"

CW: I wish they had let us hear some more of the Russian! Few things better than good looking guys who speak foreign languages! But what's with the clone-age? Gelled hair, jeans, and collared shirt opened to reveal necklace and chest? Is that like the Look of Russia? Or did I miss a memo or something?

And I totally agree with your predictions... Martha especially. Alas, chances are slim that I'll be able to catch the results show tonight. Won't you all fill me in on the juicy bits?

PS: I've added the clip of Benji's solo... damn networks keep taking the clips down, so I'm not sure it's even worth it to keep posting them. But for now there is Benji, and for now, all is good.

At 5:18 p.m., Blogger Kat said...

I also agree with the whole lack of clothing thing. Like put a shirt on for god sakes! My favorite part was when Nigel asked Benji if he was wearing a shirt or had wheels on his shoes. Loved it! And yes, I totally saw the porn eyes that Cat made at Nigel. I almost pissed myself laughing!
I also agree that it was totally Travis's night. I love him and Heidi together! She is so much better than Martha! Could you imagine how much better it would have all been if they were together the whole time?? Loved it! Their contemporary routine actually made me cry. Yes I am embarased to admit that, but you guys understand right? (thank god that my fiance was not home to see me crying over a 2 minute dance routine! I'd never hear the end of it!).
I missed Donyelle's second dance with Dimitry. My brand spankin new big screen tv decided to break just at that time. I could hear it but I couldn't see it. Lets just say Best Buy is getting an angry call from me!! I actually screamed "No! She is my favorite!" It was so sad!

At 12:14 a.m., Blogger bookluver101 said...

Hey!! I completely agree with you with Dmitry and the clothes fiasco thing. I love Dmitry (not as much as Benji though) but I'm getting really tired of seeing his chest over and over and over again. Loved Benji and Heidi and I'm rooting for either of them to win this competition. Anyways what did you think of tonights elimination??

At 8:58 a.m., Blogger JaNeal said...

I don't know why but I have to give an occasional sympathy vote to the poor soul I assume is going home. I guess it's my way of saying, "Hey you did a great job, sorry you're going home, but somebody had to go." Which I will admit I gave Ryan one. Now I feel personally responsible for Dmitry going home. Truth is he would have been gone this week or next anyway, right? (I have guilt issues) It was the shirt thing. But, last night when he did the fake out with the shirt that was charming.

Benji in the jazz number was so perfect. Besides the outfit (yum) the dancing was out of this world!! They hardly comment on the fact that he's a west coast swing man doing that beautiful jazz number and doing it so well.

After the solo did everyone join in the "Benji Benji" chorus? I felt a connection across the miles with all my Benji obsessed sisters!!

At 9:35 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dmitiry.... I do love his bod, but the constant wardrope malfunction was a bit much. Once, fine. After that, we know that you have it and knock it off. But more than that, he doesn't connect to his dance partners with any true emotion. But he's young. Someday he will. Well done, though. He was good, and I'm sorry to see he didn't stay, especially with the limited Ivan still there.

Mary McMurphy has proven that her psyche matches that nasal drone cackling voice. "This is America ! Speak English! No Russian! What are they saying?" (Well Mary, they're probably talking about our cackle).

And did everyone hear? There'll be a dance tour! Yipeeeee! More Benjelle!

If you want a real laugh, gizoogle this or the so you think you can dance, or any page.

Poster #1

At 10:02 a.m., Blogger Cowgirl Warrior said...

I really hope that tour comes to Canada, I was a bit sad to see Dimitry go, I think the bare chest thing is to make male ballroom dancers appear more..well's a theory.
I wanted to see Ryan go just because it seemed is heart wasn't in it, but his solo from last night showed a bit of spark. It's going to get tougher and tougher every week.
I also joined in the chorus of "Benji, Benji, Benji"

At 10:38 a.m., Blogger Kat said...

I was sad that Dimitri was the one to go home. I've always just thought that Ryan would get voted off. I just find him boring and forgettable. Don't get me wrong, he is a fantastic dancer, he just doesn't have that spark like Benji does. I wasn't surprized about Martha though. Did anyone else hate her solo this week?? I just didn't like it at all. But she is still a good dancer. I don't want to see anyone else go home now, they are all so good.

At 10:58 a.m., Blogger The Glitterati said...

Woah woah woah, I will respond to the rest later, but Kat H: fiance??? Has K always had this most coveted title, or is this a new development? If it's new, HURRAY!!!!!! :) If it's old news, well, colour me oblivious, but hurray anyway! How exciting!

At 12:33 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love Benji. But the more I think about it... the two people I can easily imagine dancing for the schmalz of Celine Dion in Vegas are Travis and Donyelle. All that rolling on the ground. Though personally, I'd rather see Donyelle and Benji get together and take on the rather constipated world of ballroom dance, and show it some soul and dazzle.

Poster #1

At 4:29 p.m., Blogger Kat said...

Well its kind of unofficial at the moment. He hasen't officially got down on one knee and asked because the ring is being made and it won't be ready until the end of august. But we have started planning the wedding so I guess that means I can call him my fiance. He has been telling people that I am his fiance for ever now. Its actually quite funny. But yeah I almost died the day he took me to go pick out the ring. Its so pretty!!!!!

At 10:22 p.m., Anonymous Erin of Scotland said...


Stumbled on your blog through a google search, and I'm glad to find some other Benji-mad girls on the net :) He has such joy about him, doesn't he? Whenever he's on, I grin from ear to ear.

Unfortunately, as I'm not in the US (I'm in the UK), and it's not screening here, I've been having to wait for the torrent a few days after it airs, and then pray that the quality doesn't suck.


So.. Dmitry's gone, eh? He's a good dancer, but.. bit same ol' same ol' each week from him. In some ways, I think Ivan is a better dancer than him, because he's more interesting to watch. And his contemporary solo with Alison last week.. Goosebump central! (I've had Annie Lennox's 'Why' on repeat all week)

And I agree with the cowgirl and kat - as much as I love Benji and Donyelle (who were both fab this week), I thought Heidi and Travis were stand-out. Thank goodness Travis didn't get eliminated while he was dancing with Martha! We'd never have known he was that good!!

Incidentally.. did she go home this week? She was my least fave of the girls left over.

At 2:36 a.m., Blogger The Glitterati said...

Kat: Arrgh! I would have been SO mad about the TV if I were you. I mean, the sole reason that I'd have a big screen in the first place is so I could watch Dance! :) And congrats congrats congrats on the engagement (and the ring!!!)

Bookluver101: Hm... judging from people's comments here, maybe Dimitry needs a better stylist! I guess it doesn't matter much now. Honestly, I was a bit surprised at his leaving... I wouldn't have picked him to win the thing, of course, but I'd have expected him to stay for one or two more rounds. Oh well. Martha was not a surprise at all... she didn't really have the type of personality that would make us remember her, I don't think.

JaNeal: Darn, I missed the fake out! It sounds cute & cheeky though! Yes, I think that Ivan gets all these props for being a popper who has to learn all these classical styles, but Benji doesn't get quite as much recognition for learning all this new-school stuff. 'Tis the price to pay for greatness, I guess! And yes, I totally did the "Go Benji! Go Benji! Go! Go! Go Benji!", complete with synchronized arm & head movements. Tight.

Poster #1: Oh that Mary Murhpy! Cackling, semi-retarded walrus-like clapping, AND a touch of xenophobia! What great TV!

Dance tour?!?! You mean I can finally use my 4-foot long "I WANNA MAKE BENJI BABIES!" sign???

And I can only imagine the hilarity that the gizoogle version of this site would look like. Fo' SHO, muh pizzle!

CW: Heck yes to the Canadian tour! That would be beyond awesome. I was sad to hear about Dimitry too... I was bugged by the chest thing, but I thought he was a great dancer. It's cool that he competes in his own field anyway, so this Dance thing will probably just serve to boost his publicity in that arena, and hopefully help him get more gigs.

Kat: Yeah, I was not a fan of Martha's routine either (at least, not the one to the Gwen song). Green hat??? For someone who's not pulling in the personality vote, you'd best be showin' some eyes and teeth, sister!! But yeah, now it's like picking your least favourite kitten to leave the show... I don't envy the judges at all.

Poster #1: I think that Benji would be the type to aim much higher than being Celine Dion's dancer. Like, it'd be a great thing to have on a resume, but ultimately, just another thing that he's done. I agree that Travis & Donyelle would be more the type to stick with the show for a couple of years (not that there's anything wrong with that -- I'm sure they'd get paid a pretty penny!).

Erin of Scotland: Hello! So glad you visited! Martha was the lady that went home this week; I don't think anyone was too surprized about that. It was really tough to establish any kind of chemistry between Martha and Travis... Travis is so pretty-boy and compact, and Martha is... well, kind of butch, to be honest. I mean, her body is slammin' to the point of distraction, but when paired with Travis, it didn't work that well visually. And I'm so glad Heidi got to dance with someone other than Ryan... even from the rehearsal footage, she looked like she was having more fun already!

At 12:44 p.m., Anonymous Jennifer said...


I'm sure Miss Glitterati will make a post later... after she stops screaming... BENJI AND HEIDI!!!! Gasp! Swoon! Last week was awesome - with the jazz and hip hop, but this week - SCREAM! I made lots of high pitched squeaky noises when I realized, who's left? Urk! And then, they danced together... sigh. Benji might make it to the top two never having to dance for his life!

I was a little surprised Dmitry went home, and not Ryan. Ivan and his skate-shoes. Sheesh. Whatever. Martha was no surprise, at all. I've just been waiting.

Gotta get to work, will check back later for The Perfection of Benji and Heidi!!

At 12:51 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Frankly... I don't care how much Ivan has improved. He doesn't belong in the top 3.

At 10:52 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

This sux:

"The winners will get US$100,000, an SUV and a year's contract with Celine Dion's Vegas show, "if the dancer wants it," executive producer Nigel Lythgoe said. "We're not sure if that's a prize or a punishment."

On American Idol the winners get US$1-million, and Lythgoe made it sound like the gap in prize money is because singers have much greater career prospects in the United States than dancers, a situation he lamented."

But the part about Celine Dion was funny!

At 2:45 p.m., Blogger bookluver101 said...

Hey all!!!! Just wanted to make a quick post!!! Heidi and Benji were amazing!! Oh my god I knew they were good but wow!! Anyways cannot believe Allison left (some people thought she might actully win the show). And why is Ivan still in this show??? Anyways peace out!!! Bye!!

At 4:35 p.m., Anonymous the glitterati said...

ARRRGH!!!! Hi y'all! Orlando is spiffy and all, but being touristy means I can't catch the show, and the lack of internet (I am scamming some very unreliable wireless right now) means I can't post or check the show's progress or clips or anything. So frustrating! But whoa, Allison got the boot??? That is unexpected! Which guy got canned? And Benji and Heidi danced????? I can't believe I missed it! Boo! Here's to hoping I get all caught up when I'm in ol' Cow Town next week! Hope you all are keeping the fanaticism alive in my absence!! (Aw heck, I KNOW you are! :D )

At 2:39 p.m., Blogger JaNeal said...

I've noticed that every other dancer, except Benji have danced their speciality at least once. When does he get to do West Coast Swing? I'm sure people would have cried foul if he and Heidi got to do WCS together, but shouldn't he be able to do it with someone? And her too?

And I'm sure this will go over like a lead balloon but, Donyelle has looked pretty sloppy the last 2 weeks. She had some neat tricks with Dmitry but looked like she was tripping over her feet a lot, and last week with Travis was just sad. I think having Benji (I'm being objective here becuase I do really like her) who is the best at partnering there made her look good, and now that they have to do 2 routines with various men, she can't keep up.

My original pick for the final 4 was
Benji Travis Heidi Allison
sorry to see Allison go.

At 5:22 p.m., Anonymous Erin of Scotland said...

I just finished watching the last show and elimination. And like the rest of you -- Allison??????? I like Natalie, but she SOOOO should've gone!! I mean, c'mon!!!

LOVED Benji and Heidi. They were fantastic. And I agree with comments about Donyelle - I loved her with Benji, but without him, she's not nearly as good. In fact, she could have gone this week instead of Allison, who I now think is better.


At least I have somewhere to vent my frustrations!! You have no idea how bad it is having noone in Scotland who gets what you're raving about!! ;)

(As an aside, I tried that Gilette Shaving Foam stuff, and it was fab! Thanks for the tip!!)

At 7:08 p.m., Blogger The Glitterati said...

Jennifer: Alas, alas, I missed that show as I am away from home! But I watched the clips of the 2, and they were deeeevine! And the Wheelies... oh man, Ivan already looks like he's 12, he really didn't need to dress like it too!

Anon@1:51: Agreed! Not that I'm saying his improvement isn't laudable. I just don't think it's enough.

Anon@11:52: Oooh, I missed that comment too, how funny! I'm glad the dancer can choose not to take the contract. I have no idea how the dance world works, but being locked into a contract for a year working some stage show might actually be devastating to the winner's momentum, for all I know. And I'm pretty sure the $100,000 is all because Dance has a much smaller budget than Idol. I don't know who Nigel thinks he's fooling.

Bookluver101: Totally agree about Allison! She carried Ivan for how many weeks? And now she's booted and he's still here. Bummer!

JaNeal: Yeah, it's weird that they don't let Benji do WCS. Although I guess that is maybe considered part of "Ballroom"? It seems such a diverse category though... everything from waltzes to latin to swing. At any rate, I'm glad Benji and Heidi both got to do something a bit more in their elements last week. Not that being *out* of their elements have slowed them down any!

I haven't watched any of Donyelle's clips except for the Quickstep one with Travis. Quickstep never seems to be very popular, but I thought they did a lot better than when Natalie and Musa did it. Still, I see what you mean... it certainly didn't have me hootin' and hollerin' at the TV like when she dances with Benji.

I'm hoping to see Benji and Heidi (because I love her, not just b/c she's the cousin) as the final 2, but I could see the Natalie vote being an upset. I don't know, Natalie just doesn't "wow" me.

Erin: Oooh, that must suck not having fellow fans around! I think Roomie and I have converted half of our friends and turned them on to the show. But rest assured, the Squeeeeing Sorority here welcomes you with open arms! ;) And I'm so glad the Gillette stuff worked out for you, I'm using their women's gel (b/c it comes in travel size) and I'm totally noticing the difference. I think I'll go out and buy a can of the Lemon-Lime to keep here for when I visit!


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