Monday, July 31, 2006

Back to civilization!

Hi! I'm back in Calgary now, which is very thrilling, mostly because I have a real internet connection here and can get all caught up on the SYTYCD clips. (Oh, and I get to see all my C-Town homies, of course!)(Yes, I promise never to use the phrase "C-Town Homies" again after this.)

Benjiiiieeeee and Heidieeeeee! Oh my GOD they were amazing. In the Mambo number, I didn't even notice his open-to-the-navel shirt until halfway through the clip. Me! Not noticing hot hot Benji ab-action!! I was transfixed by the actual dancing; those two were THAT good. And seconds 22 to 28 of the Broadway clip made me squeal all by myself here in my parent's house. And don't even get me started on that little jacket-throwing move. Is that baby up on eBay yet?

Hey, upon watching that last clip for the 5th time in the past 10 minutes, I realize that when Benji throws his head back while his hand is reaching up (like near the end of the routine), it reminds me of the Peanuts. Like, as in Charlie Brown, Lucy, and the ever lovable Snoopy. Did Snoopy ever dance like that? No? Am I just nuts? Is there a point to this paragraph? Probably not. But I do know that every time Benji does a Broadway number, it makes me want to buy a poodle skirt and say "Sock Hop" a lot. Sock Hop!! Oh man, I'm giddy. Such dancey goodness!

Okay, let's take a deep breath. I think the Dance withdrawl symptoms are in remission for now. It's funny... while I was waiting in line to clear Customs at the Toronto airport, these dancer-type girls were behind me, all talking about the show. They were like "I like... um... whatshername... she's got curly hair... Amanda? Oh and Ivan! He's so cute!" And I'm silently screaming "NO! HER NAME IS ALLISON, DAMMIT! AND YOU MUST LOVE BENJI!!! LOVE HIM!!! DOOO IT!!!!" Oh sweet sweet psychosis.

Righto, I should be able to watch the show this week. The lovely Cowgirl Warrior and I will be getting together to share the good times, I can't wait! Warn your neighbours, CW, I'm a screamer! :D

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At 1:51 a.m., Blogger Man of the Century said...

7:26 PM? Is that time stamp in mountain standard time? If it is we need to have words.

At 7:58 a.m., Blogger JaNeal said...

Hooray, Glitterati's home! Hope you and Cowgirl have a squeely good time on Wednesday! Yes, that is potentially the silliest sentence I've ever written; "squeely good time". Oh Benji, what have you done to me. My girlfriend, who is a hairdresser; we are going to eat chinese food, she's going to cut my hair, give me a manicure, and watch sytycd. Aaaahhhhh. Heaven... food, friends, makeover, and Benji. Life is good.

So controversy over B & H dancing together. Folks saying it's unfair. Why is that any more unfair that Ryan & Allison, or say Travis and Natalie (which will probably happen tomorrow) 2 contemporary dancers together doing their thing?

Hope you had a great time in Florida!

At 8:34 a.m., Anonymous the roomie said...

It's not the squealing you should be worried about CW... it's the thrashing! Make sure you remove all breakables and clear AT LEAST a 4 foot x 4 foot space for G... hee hee

At 11:43 a.m., Blogger Cowgirl Warrior said...

I'm prepared, it's an old house with old furniture, if Glitterati breaks anything it can be replaced. Plus I've known her for a long time plus I also love this show so I'll probably be screaming right along with her. Pay back to all my neighbours for their patio parties...mwhahahahaha!

And apparently Calgary is referred to as C-Spot thanks to some song written during a Flames Stanley Cup run, obviously not this past Stanley Cup :)

At 12:52 p.m., Blogger The Glitterati said...

MOTC: No man, this thing's set on Eastern Standard. Fear not, the blog did not keep you from your sushi.

JaNeal: Thanks, Florida was much fun, everyone was so nice there! Hurray for squeely good times!!! Your evening sounds like it's gonna be a complete blast! I don't know why people would be that upset at Benji & Heidi being paired... they've each made it this far with different partners, and Heidi and Dimitri have worked together pre-SYTYCD too, so "Whatever!" to the nay-sayers!

Roomie: Aw, c'mon, you're gonna miss the squealing and thrashing, admit it! :) But it's true, even the dogs know to stay away from me, lest I grab them and give them an overenthusiastic squeeze as I'm going off into the head noise. Are you TO people watching the show together still?

CW: Of course! The C-Spot! "Where the Cup be at!" (except not, boo!) How could I forget? Clearly I've been gone too long. Your neigbours might be afraid to go out on their patios after our combined screaming! :)

At 7:02 p.m., Anonymous Jennifer said...

I completely agree - Controversy schmontroversy! Benji and Heidi got on the show on their own merit, stayed through top 4/top 8? on their own merit, and she drew him out of the hat. Had to happen sometime. I would have been suspicious if they hadn't danced together by this point.

Glitterati: glad you're back, I'm so sad you couldn't watch last week! Though, that screaming I heard, I coulda sworn...

I'm thinking my friends and I are having a big ol' party for the last show. Yeah, my dance friends, a tv, forgiving neighbors and lots of cell phones, so we can call and vote for Benji, baby!!!

At 7:09 p.m., Anonymous Jennifer said...

(Me again!)
Sorry, I forgot to add, my friends and I are also making a trip to Portland, Oregon, September 13th FOR THE SYTYCD TOUR!!!!!! Tourdates are posted on SYTYCD site.

Yay for Wednesdays!!

At 2:24 p.m., Blogger The Glitterati said...

Jennifer: Whoops, missed your comment before, sorry! I think what you heard was the scream that emanated from the depths of my poor deprived soul, aching for its Benji-fix. But it sounds like you guys might have some decible-control issues yourselves! A whole house full of Dance fans!!!

HOLY EVER-LOVIN' CRAP the tour's coming to TORONTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

!!!!! There are not enough exclaimation marks in the world!!!


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