Friday, August 04, 2006

Somewhat inebriated ramblings

Hi hi! Okay, so I missed tonight's results show, as I was out par-tay-ing with the girls, but I did catch the show in all its glorious entirety last night. (Cowgirl Warrior was a splendiferous hostess, as always!) Loved loved LOVED Heidi and Travis... I was worried about the whole Smooth Waltz and Pop business, because they are not traditionally vote-getters. But they ripped it up, and the African Pop was so cool, so yay them!!

As for the Reunion of Benjyelle, of course it was delightful. It did kind of seem like Donyelle was losing a bit of steam (hello, injured toe, 8 weeks of intensive competition... exhaustion!), but that booty was slammin' during the Hip Hop routine. And Benji, of course, continues to be a dynamo. He'd outlast the Energizer Bunny. Some judge (Mia???) said something about... bones? All I heard was "Bone Benji! Bone Benji!!! BONE BENJI!!!" Which.... well, you know. Sorry folks, I wish that was a bit more coherent, but check it out, I'm kinda drunk. Wheee!

But back on topic. BOTTOM 2?!?! WHAT IN THE HELL, AMERICA! (Not YOU, of course, dear readers. I love you all. Mwah!) Naturally, I'm very glad that it was Ivan that got cut and not Benji, but still, that shit ain't funny. I suppose with only 3 dancers left, it's kind of a crapshoot. And Travis did perform magnificently on Wednesday, so I'm fully supportive of his being in the Final 2. He's earned it. Regardless, I think many people would agree that Natalie and Ivan were the right eliminations.

Really, I think all of the remaining dancers would be very deserving of the title of America's Favourite Dancer. My personal pick for the final contenders are Benji and Heidi (no surprise there!), with Benji taking home the gold! I wouldn't be too devastated if Heidi won though, especially because you just know that Benji would be SO happy for her.

Oh dudes, I am so hungry, but also way too sleepy to go find food. Plus, the lightbulb in my room has burnt out, and I totally don't trust myself to climb up on a chair to replace it in my current state. And so, off to bed I go! Nighty-night! I promise not to blog drunk again! (LIE! Big massive lie. Drunk Blogging is fun! And also infinity times better than Drunk Driving or Drunk Dialing. It's all about the lesser of the evils, people.)

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At 4:34 a.m., Blogger JaNeal said...

It's just after 5a.m. and I can't sleep. So add to your drunk post my punchy one.
I'm just so annoyed with Mia!! Why does she keep saying Heidi and Benji are technically weak?! And limited?! Well, let's point out the obvious; when it comes to all styles of ballroom Donyelle and Travis are technicaly weak. They specialize in a totally different style of dance with different techniques! I rant... but come on! Too bad Mary Murphy has set her self up as a wacko and couldn't articulate a reasonable defense.
It was Mary who said he had a backbone, wishbone, and funny bone. Whatever. If he doesn't win, I'll cry mutiny... or something. Unless it's Heidi, then I'll be just a little sad. Only real competition is Travis.
I ramble more than usual... sorry... tired... can't spell... no articulate... must... try ... to ......zzzzzzzz....

At 8:35 a.m., Anonymous Benji's Real Girl said...

Yeah, Mary's bone comments were a little edgy considering Benji is loved by so many teenage girls and gay men.

The thing about Mia is that she really likes to talk about Mia. Like, everytime she was talking to a dancer it was all about her. "Oh, Travis, if it were up to me, I'd hire you to for work ME for the rest of MY life..." blah blah blah. And what is up with all her "sorries." Jeeze, don't say something if you aren't going to stand behind it.

So, do we really think Benji and Ivan were the bottom two? Or were they just picked for dramatic effect? Regardless, I think I'd like Travis to win. Sorry! (Ack! Now I sound like Mia.) I just think he is a better fit for the Celine Dion show of weird chest thumping dancyness. And do you really want Benji tied up in Vegas for a year? Vegas is a crappy place full of whores and transvestites. Really not the ideal place for our Benji's wishbone or any other kind of bone.

At 11:31 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whore and Transvestite says:
PUI.... Posting under the influence!

Travis has completely won me over. I can't see anyone else working with the horror queen Mia Michaels for a year. What she says is true, it's just poorly timed and inappropriate to say these things in public like that. Or maybe it's better... at least she gets booed.

Send good vibes to Donyelle! As someone who has had broken toes, I sympathize with her. She's exhausted. One can be in pain only for so long, and being that your entire weight rests and balances on those feet I can imagine that she probably spends a good portion looking for that moment to prop up her foot.

Vegas is a crappy place full of whores and transvestites.
Wow, what boat did you fall off from? Incidentally, you could be describing almost any large city in the US, including several in the Midwest.

Vegas is THE place to go if you're a dancer. It has more shows 24/7 and if you're good enough to make your living as a dancer, then that's where you go to audition. There aren't that many musicals being staged anywhere these days, Vegas has become one of the few places to stage full productions.

And don't think for a moment that the world of ballroom dance is all that pristine.

At 1:13 p.m., Anonymous Benji's Real Girl said...


It may just be the 3 cocktails I had with lunch, but I get the feeling you took offense to my comment "Vegas is a crappy place full of whores and transvestites." Having just returned from the city of lights last week, I will admit that I did not dig deep below the desert surface and came to this conclusion based only on my observations of legalized prostitution and numerous advertisements for Frank Marino -- The Queen of Las Vegas. The use of the word "crappy" was subjective, and perhaps unnecessary. I certainly did not mean to comment directly on any individual person's whorey-ness or transvestite-ness (two attributes, by the way, that I admire greatly and wish for in abundance for my little brother).

It just doesn't seem like the right place for our Benji, who upon returning from an orphanage in Mexico, was taken aback by the commercialism and consumerism in an American airport. Vegas is an overwhelming place and I would prefer that Benji be someplace tamer – like my closet.

Also, as I am sure you have noticed, I am kind of a loser and fail at most things in life. One of the mechanisms I have evolved to deal with this is the purposeful degradation of the things I want most in life (i.e., an Armenian squirrel named Jimjim) so that I am not heartbroken when I fail to earn them (i.e., because of the due diligence of the stupid Armenian customs and their damn thorough probes!!!).


At 1:21 p.m., Blogger JaNeal said...

yoh, benji's real girl... I think Benji received the most votes.. I truly do... did you notice how quickly Cat pointed out after she said Travis was safe that he did not necessarily get the most votes. I also think Donyelle might have gotten more votes than Heidi.

Please don't vote for Travis just becuase of CD and Mia. Benji truly deserves to win the whole deal and let him decide what to do about CD and Vegas. With all of Nygel's clout you would have thought he could have offered a ballroom friendly option... say like a 1 year contract with a broadway show or something like.

Go Benji!!! Benji wants to win ... so let's help him!!!

At 2:04 p.m., Blogger The Glitterati said...

JaNeal: We are like 2 sleepy ships, passing in the night! I fell asleep as soon as I hit "Publish". It's weird that Mia keeps ripping on Heidi and Benji... I mean, NO ONE is going to be technically masterful at all the styles.

Oh yes, I remember now! Mary Murhpy and her cracked-out cackling. She is a dear though, annoying as she is sometimes.

BRG: It's funny, during Wednesday's show, when the Benj was in the white suit, I couldn't shake off my perception of an uncanny resemblance to Celine Dion herself. Foreshadowing? Or just a bad costume choice? Does the dancer have to take the contract if s/he wins?

Anon@12:31: PUI!!! I am ashamed to admit that I am a repeat offender!

But yuck, the winner has to work with Mia for a year??? Man. That's some prize huh. (Maybe I'm just not hip with the contemporary, but half her comments always seem like handwaving fluff. Like, what is "grounded", REALLY?) I think even if Donyelle doesn't win (and I don't think she will), she'd get a heck of a reference letter from the judges/producers for pushing through the pain. Just like how a pro would, natch!

As for the whole Celine Dion thing... I can see that joining her cast might be stifling in a sense. At the same time, having gone through the experience itself would speak very highly of a young dancer. I really hope the choice is up to the dancer's discretion.

Tangentially, it appears that NO sport/field is ever clean. The stories I've heard about Team Canada for horse jumping (of all things!)... yeesh.

BRG: Whooo-hooo can ya tell it's Friday? 3 cocktails would put me under the table (if not a coworker or boss...), kudos to you!

I remember Vegas vaguely, I visited when I was quite young... but I think a lot of that recollection is mixed up with, like, Ocean's 11, and whatever dreams that movie may have inspired. I do seem to recall very illustrious ads on the cab though, good times. But in keeping with Vegas' reputation as a party town, the most intense partying I've done often happens when transvestites are around. And I, of course, supply the whoreishness! Yee-haw!!

Ahem, and what kind of choreo would our dear Benji be performing in your closet, BRG? And will the Armenian squirrel be involved? ;)

JaNeal: Oooh, dirty trick of the producers, that. Anyway, hopefully the suspense will inspire the Benji fans out there not to be complacent and pick up the phone! God I wish I could vote!

At 7:21 p.m., Blogger Cowgirl Warrior said...

I missed the result show myself but it's safely on vhs. I'm quite happy with Natalie and Ivan going home. The emoting of Natalie was starting to irritate me. In reality I think the entire top 10 will find success.
Travis does kind of fit in with Celine's crowd. Benji should have his own show.
Glitterati, you were splendiferous house guest.

Been to Vegas many it and there is much work for dancers that probably only Broadway rivals.

At 12:58 p.m., Blogger The Glitterati said...

CW: AMERICA'S NEXT TOP BENJI!!! With competitions to see who's booty looks the tightest when crawling across a floor, and stuff like that. I'd be ALL OVER IT!!

At 2:05 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vegas actually has more long runing dance jobs than NYC. So it really is the place to go right now. One of my friends work on "O." He was a sychronized swimmer, got picked up by the show, and had to do a lot of gymnastic/ dance training as well. How many other places do you find gigs like this for synchronized swimmers? He gets home at 1:00 a.m. Watches movies and does laundry until 3 a.m. Goes to bed, wakes up at noon, goes to rehearsals in the late afternoon. Has a show at 7, another one at 9 or 10. The dancer's life!

I've been rewatching lots of Fred Astaire movies lately. If Benji worked a lot, I think he could be another song and dance man. And wouldn't it be swell to see him partnering up with the goddess of sex, Donyelle?

Hey, Glitterati... did you notice Benji called him and Donyelle, "We're Benjelle!" I wonder if he's been reading the old spam site here. If so, HELLO!

At 10:09 p.m., Anonymous Erin of Scotland said...


I'm still waiting for my bloody bit torrents to finish so I can watch the shows!! I went away for three days with my laptop, had no broadband, and as such, was heavily delayed.

Thank god for your comments section, glitterati! *g*

I went to to check out the whole finale bit for the show.. find out how many shows were left, etc. And I thought 'ooooh, stuff it! I'm going to check the results from last Thursday'. Only.. just had the 'bottom 2' (and it said BENJI, and I said WTF?!"?£!"£?!??!"£??£??), and so I clicked for more detail - and it had NOTHING.

I was going to check the official website to make sure my worst nightmare hadn't come true, but instead thought it'd be more fun to check in here ;)

And thank goodness Natalie and Ivan went home! Phew! Crisis averted! No need for a Benji-related heart attack! :D:D:D

Can't wait to see the finale.. I'll leave my comp on 24/7 just so the download goes faster!! :D

At 2:00 p.m., Anonymous Erin of Scotland said...

Ooooooh, I just finished watching last week's shows!! Argh, I'm going to have to wait a week for the blasted finale too, no doubt! Ah well.. better late than never ;)

So, a few observations:
- Mia Michaels, you suck. She ragged on everyone but Travis (ok, so he's fab, but doesn't have half the presence of Benji) and IVAN. Hey, I like Ivan, but you can't rag on Benji and then get all loveydovey to Ivan!! Not fair! She was trying to rig the vote! (and hey, NOONE rags on Heidi, she's rocking this competition!!)

Actually, hating Mia has distracted me from finding Mary a bit grating on the nerves. I suppose she is a bit of an old dear.. kinda like a slightly tipsy grannie or something ;)

- Benji's dancing was great. Loved it. But my fave 'couple' of the night was Travis and Heidi -- they were fab in both dances, and I just looooved Heidi in the waltz. Travis *is* lacking in personality at times (he's totally outshined by Benji), but his technique is very good, and that makes up for it a bit; and his chemistry with Heidi is exceptional.

- I noticed that there was less spark in this episode than in previous ones. Noone really owned anything (with the exception, perhaps of Benji's solo); and I fear that the dancers are getting tired, depressed and emotional.

For example -- Did you SEE Donyelle's face at the end of her solo? She looked ready to cry / pass out / scream in pain. Props to her for holding it together.

- When Ivan was dancing with Natalie, I couldn't help but think 'this would have been better with Allison'. Damn you, America! Voting Allison off! Tsk!

- I REALLLLLLY hope that the finale has more energy than this episode. There have been a couple of stand-out performances in this series for me -- Benjelle's 'booty in your pants'; Natalie and Ivan's contemporary piece; Heidi and Ryan's slow waltz to Caribbean Blue (it wasn't technically brill on Ryan's part, but it was beautiful to watch); Heidi and Benji's ballroom.. and a few others, but those are two that stand out in my mind..

BUT I WANT MORE! I want to be UP on my feet, SCREAMING my lungs out!!! I want a home run, guys! There just weren't any home runs for me tonight.. was left feeling slightly deflated, instead of breathless.

And I empathise - they must be utterly zonked out of their trees... but.. but.. please? For me? Home run?

- And finally -- it wouldn't surprise me if Benji's read the comments on this site (Benji, we love you!!!). He's always alluded to the fact that he's a geek (Makes him even more adorable. I can't resist geeks), so he's probably very computer savvy.. and couldn't help but do an ego search on google. Heck, that's how I found you guys!! *g*

So Benji, if you do find this - you're fabulous; a real star! I hope that you go far in the industry, so that you can dance for a lifetime. Watching you dance is like watching pure joy personified. I can't wait to see where your feet take you :D :D :D

At 8:33 p.m., Anonymous Erin of Scotland said...

Ok, ok - I know this is my third post today.. but I forgot to say how impressed I've been lately with the group dances at the beginning of the elimination eps.

Ok, so I know Mia Michaels is a bit of a shit, but that choreographed number last week set to Imogen Heap's 'Hide And Seek' was so cool. I've now become addicted to her music, and apparently she's touring in Scotland in September, so that's on the list!

Ok, I'll shut up now.. until I finally get to see the finale!!! :D

At 1:58 p.m., Blogger bookluver101 said...

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At 1:59 p.m., Blogger bookluver101 said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 2:05 p.m., Blogger bookluver101 said...

Hey! I guess I'm kinda late posting this but Welcome Back! Last Wednesday was great especially Benji and Heidi's dance. Oh and Benji and Travis's dance was so funny. Benji makes nerds look hot. My prediction is that Benji will win but I'm hoping it's either him or Heidi. Oh and I thought Nigel said that the winner of the show can either take the Celine Dion gig or not. Oh I found a picture of Heidi and Benji when they were kids.I'm not sure if you've seen it but if you haven't you should they are so adorable. Here is the link:

At 10:22 a.m., Blogger The Glitterati said...

Dang it, I'd wrote this big response here, but the sketchy internet from my Dad's office wouldn't let me post it. Here goes again!

Anon@3:05: That is so cool that O recruits sychro swimmers! It makes sense... they're used to some of that movement. I always just figured that they somehow found people with the "bending, twisting, and flipping through the air" gene!

And if Mr. Benji Schwimmer reads this, I can officially die happy. Sigh. :)

ErinOfScotland: Glad to be of service to the fandom!! :) Honestly, if it weren't for all of you guys' ("your guys'"? "yous guyz"? My grammar node is hurting.) comments, I would never know what's going on!

I love the comparison of Mary Murphy as a dear old drunken grannie. Can't you just see her at Christmas dinner, a little too looped on sherry, bawling about "That Dance Show I was on"?

Totally agree that the dancers are running out of steam. It's not their fault, I'm sure. I mean, as a person who is constantly surprised that there's a 7-AM in addition to the PM-kind, I don't even want to imagine what their schedule must be like. I hope they get a chance to put their poor feet up and good and pampered tonight! Or at least good and drunk (which may be more likely, based on my meagre knowledge of the Fine Arts people!)

I didn't see the Imogen Heap number, but I LOVED SexyBack. Although I'm not wavering in my pick for Benji #1 (!!!), I do think that Travis was a standout in that performance. Donyelle, as well was fierce. Heidi and Benji looked almost a little too sharp. But really, at this point, one is kind of splitting hairs, they're ALL so amazing!

Hurray hurray finale!!

BookLuver101: Thanks Hanah! It's good to be home. I think I literally laughed out loud at Travis & Benji's (TRANJI!!!) routine. That pic of Heidi & Benji is sooo cute, I love it!


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