Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Greatest Day of My Life

OH HELLS YES!!!!!!!! The day we all knew would come! Benji: KING OF THE MU'F'ING WORLD!!!!!!!

Ohmigad, I'm at the boy's right now, so I can't post for real. I'll come back later for a proper rave session, but rest assured that I frightened small dogs with my screaming when they announced Benji's name.


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At 12:12 a.m., Blogger Cowgirl Warrior said...

OMG I think I frightened my neighbours. He won...yeaaaaaahhhhh or should I say yaaaaaaaahooooooo!
I'm so happy!

At 1:48 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sometimes our culture, which is bathed in Brap and Grap (Boy Rap and Girl Rap), stuns me
and shows an eye for performance, charm, skill, refinement and execution. Thus was the
case tonight when Benji won!

He's a throwback to another era, or maybe he's ushering a new one in. Mia Michaels said that Benji
has an 'old movie star' quality --no doubt thinking of Astaire, Kelley, and O'Connor." And of course, Nygel mentioned Fred Astaire for the second time tonight. I think Benji is terrific. And Travis wins too. He'll be working for Mia now.

Is there anyone else who is SICK of the entertainers they invite on? How can a show have such a broad range of dance styles and then just settle on Brap and Grap? Who are these morons who take up our time?

At 9:02 a.m., Anonymous the roomie said...

I think I heard your screams from Calgary! Soooooo glad the Benjinator won! The show last night was pretty much awesome (except for Fergie... wtf??? I shake my head at the state of American pop culture...)! And it may have been better as a 1.5 hour deal (my bum was numb at the end!)... But all in all, a stupendously wonderful night! I'm glad your future husband won! I'll help you make posters if you want (for the tour... hee hee)!!

At 9:05 a.m., Anonymous Toya said...

I screamed for a full minute! My husband just shook his head.

I have to admit, I like "London Bridge", though Fergie is clearly the skankiest skank who ever skanked.

At 10:21 a.m., Anonymous Sonia said...

OHMYGOD!!!!! love love love him, still can't stop smiling, so happy for him. He's awesome. I was so nervous throughout the whole show, I stopped breathing until Cat said his name....he DESERVES it! Good choice America!

At 12:13 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ohh..... Yes, he is the favorite dancer! Did you see his Dad? Buddy was so excited!

Hey, but Celine Dion! Aghhhhh!! Thud.
Poor Benji. But maybe he'll have Travis with him since Mia said she'd be hiring him.

At 1:32 p.m., Blogger bookluver101 said...

Wow! I'm not really surprised when Benji won. But I still screamed my heart out when he did. Yay!! Benji deserves to win. Though I do feel kinda dissapointed that Heidi didn't win. Take that Benji's ex-girlfriend who's probably crying right now because she will never get Benji back.

At 2:07 p.m., Blogger Janisa said...

WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I was so thrilled last night too, my husband and I were soooooo sure that Travis was going to win. Over this last season it seemed like all the judges were grooming Travis to win and sometimes giving him unfairly positive critiques. OK yes, the boy can do some good turns and he IS an amazing technical dancer. In fact the Celine show would have been a perfect fit for him. I dunno how Benji feels about it but it seems like a definite out-of-genre experience. But who cares, he gets the money and the car too. And I canNOT complain because... BENJI'S COMING TO VEGAS!!!!!!! Yes, my own hometown, possibly for a whole year. (Gasp!) I wonder if he'll do workshops or make any appearances at some of the local dance studios. SOOOOO excited even just at the thought. And I LOVE this blog because you always have such fresh and funny perspectives and write exactly what I was thinking but was (unfortunately) too sobor or inhibited to express. Serves me right for being Mormon (as-is Benji, I hear! Awww, Benji!). ;-D GO GLITERATTI, GO!

At 2:08 p.m., Blogger Janisa said...

Oh and YESSSSSSSSSSS I am so sick of the crap "guest artists" they bring on. London Bridge was the ONE song I even remotely liked this whole season - honestly we just Tivo'd through them all because they sucked big fat rotten hairy apples!

At 5:41 p.m., Anonymous Erin of Scotland said...

Yayayayay Benji!!! :D:D:D

(but I'm SO PISSED at for putting it on their page, after they summarily ignored the show for the ENTIRE season.. and I was even keeping away from here so I would be surprised when the episode downloads!! Sigh..)

Ah well.. at least BENJI WON!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D

At 10:44 p.m., Blogger JaNeal said...

yippee yippee yippee yippee yippee
Oh dear Benji I knew you would win!! Just read an article from Entertainment Weekly ... an interview from Benji post win. He said he had decided not to take CD but, Mia and Brian are trying to talk him out of it and they are working swing dance into the CD show. He's considering it. He also mentioned a gazillion offers he's had so far... of course. Including playing Fred Astaire in some movie! Yeah Benji!

And was Heidi's comments after losing about the classiest!! Love ya Heidi.

At 10:52 p.m., Blogger JaNeal said...

Hey Janisa... you can be sober and express your Mormon self!! I am too. There's no commandment that states, "Thou shalt not have fun being a silly fangirl". In the immortal words of Cat Deeley to our beloved Benji "You can save the world and shake your booty!" I say you can be an "active" LDS and shake your booty or whatever you may choose!! Enjoy life... Be in the world babe... just not of it! And never regret what we give up... it's all worth it! Much love and respect!!

At 5:37 a.m., Blogger The Glitterati said...

CW: Yeeeeee-haw!!!!!!!

Anon@2:48: Brap and Grap!!! Oh, how right of you, I think they all win! But especially Benji! ;) Lawdy Lawd, I don't get the performers. I understand that they want to appeal to the masses or whatever, but what's with the highly-obvious lip syncing? Shameful, especially considering the tie-in to American Idol.

Roomie: Hiiiieeeee! She's not just Fergie, you know. She's Fergie Ferg.... riiiight...

Oh bijiggity SMACK you KNOW I'm all over that sign. In purple glitter, natch.

Toya: The men in our lives will just have to understand, darn it! And I fully applaud your use of the word "skank" as an adjective, noun, AND verb!

Sonia: I know! The whole time, I'm like "SCREW freakin' Ciara, man, just TELL ME WHO WON!!! CAT, I KNOW YOU CAN HEAR ME, DAMMIT!!!" What a moment of joy it was when his name was announced. And the dear thing just looked shocked and in disbelief... adorable!! Hurray!

Anon@1:13: I loved the family shots! Lacey looking very cool and lovely, and Buddy just so so so proud of his boy. I do believe there were tears!

Celine frightens me a bit. I know I should be supportive, as she is Canadienne, and doing very well for herself... but ... yeah. At least Benji should be well-paid!

BookLuver101: Yep, with the ENTIRE INTERNET behind him, how could he lose? :D I'm sad Heidi got cut too, it would have been nice to see them as the final 2 (kinda like Nick & Melody from last year). But of course she was fantastic and gracious about it, and danced superbly with Travis right after finding out. How professional of her!

Janisa: That is awesome that your husband not only watches with you, but shares in the Benji love!! I was sooooo prepared for the worst, because for the first time that I could recall, the audience screams for Travis actually drowned out those for Benji. But our boy pulled through!

I think that Fergie perhaps actually *sang* part of her song, so at least there's props for that. I know it's all heavily tracked, but she was much more convincing than that Ciara girl, or Nelly Furtado all those weeks ago.

And I'm so glad you're liking the blog, thanks! It is a sad sad fact that I don't need to be under the influence to ramble like a hyperactive 8-yr old at Disneyland, hopped up on soda and cotton candy. But, y'know, sometimes the booze helps. :P

ErinofScotland:Awww... I'm sorry the surprise was ruined for you! But at least now you can watch serenely, safe with the knowledge of Benji's victory glowing warmly within your heart! Enjoy the show!

JaNeal: Oh WOW, you're better than Google! Thanks for sharing that... I'm actually pleased that he turned down CD. Sure it'd be good money and resume-padding, but that kid's got momentum right now, and I'll bet he's going to use it wisely. And how cool would it be if CD added a swing element just for him? (Although, knowing producers and such, it'll just be, like, one "swing-inspired" dance break in a song... hopefully Benji will see through that kind of stuff though!)

I thought Heidi was just so gracious, and I think she really meant what she said. But man, that Donyelle... her speech literally made me tear up, just a little bit. Tears coming from the depths of my cold hard sarcastic heart, no less! *sniff* I love you Donyelle! Go forth! Dance, love, and be loved!!!! [/sap]

Oh, and I think it'd be da bomb if Benji could somehow save the world by shaking his booty. Kind of like Antonio Banderas in that Take the Lead movie. Except, you know, successful.

At 5:47 a.m., Blogger The Glitterati said...

Oh, by the way, where's BRG hiding at? It is my theory that she's either so excited that she's lost control of her typing fingers (it happened to me too! They just keep fluttering... like my heart...), or she's flown directly to Vegas to congratulate our boy personally. Give him a big wet kiss on my behalf, BRG! ;)

At 9:24 a.m., Anonymous Benji's Real Girl said...

I'm here. Been lurking and enjoying everyone else's excitment. So sweet that you missed me!

I've actually been away getting head shots done, taking acting lessons, and watching every Ginger Rogers/ Fred Astaire movie ever made. If Benji is going to star in a movie, he's going to be staring with me!

I'm very excited that our dear Benji won, but I'm not sure I liked the way it was revealed. I thought it was so mean to Heidi and Donyelle when Cat was just like "Uh, you didn't win."

I really enjoyed seeing all the dances though, but they must have been exhausted! So many costume and makeup changes!

I'm counting on you, Ms. G, to keep us updated on Benji's every move from now until he marries me and we require a little more privacy. ;)


At 10:52 a.m., Anonymous Erin of Scotland said...

Oh. Holy. Wow.

Just finished watching the finale.. I'm still dabbing at my tears! And I knew who was going to win!! But I STILL was like omgomgomgwho'sgonnawin!! Lol :)

That was just brilliant. That show picked up the energy that had kinda tapered away in the last few weeks (despite the brilliant dancing), and I enjoyed every minute of it. Also, as I downloaded it, I was able to skip through those lame artist performances and watch the REAL stuff! Mmmmdancing!

You know what would be cool for nexgt season.. rather than getting singers to come in - get in professional dancing troupes, or something akin to that.. a lot more relevant than a guest singer (and come on, they're always going on about how dancing is undervalued in this world; but they're not giving dancers jobs either! C'mon guys!!).

But anyway, you lot will understand how elated I'm feeling about Benji's win - particularly after seeing a few of my fave dances again (I *LOVELOVELOVE* the nerd hip-hop). Just fabulous. And I was reading on the entertainment weekly website that he was actually the first male alternate!!! I didn't know that!!! He took someone's place that couldn't do the show (I think it might've been that Hawk guy?).

And that also makes sense, because when they did the 'who's staying' stuff at the end of the auditions, Mary Murphy says that they want Benji to stick around for a few more weeks.. but NOT that he's in the Top Twenty!!! So yeah! Thank GOD that the other person dropped out!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D

But how shocked did he look? I mean, I reckon he almost passed out! And his dad weeping like that.. *love* to his whole family!

Also - in the same article, Benji's already signed on to do a movie (it might be film, it might be tv) about Fred Astaire! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D So we have that to look forward to!!!! :DDDDDD

And finally -- Heidi and Donyelle.. they're so beautiful, lovely and gracious. I was so moved by Donyelle's speech as well - that she had given up on dance, but this had made her fall in love again. Talk about having your prayers answered in a concrete way, eh?

Anyway - I'm all happiness, and I have all the episodes saved so I can watch them over again (download eMule, they're all on there if you're interested ;). Honestly, how could you NOT love Benji? I hope we continue to see a lot of him - be it in dance, film, or whatever he wants to follow!


ps. I can't believe it's going to be 9 months until the next season of this show.. sigh! It's my dead-set favourite!!

At 12:24 p.m., Anonymous Erin of Scotland said...

Yes, yes, I know. Fifty comments a day is a bit much ;))))

But I've just been downloading the clips from Benji Schwimmer Media, and omg, I love him. *sigh*

He was on Regis & Kelly, and was throwing Kelly all over the stage, and it was hilariously fab! He also danced a 'rain dance' on some news program while talking about the weather.. was hilarious :))))

And I've finally gotten around to downloading the clips of Benji and Heidi dancing, and they're so brilliant! I also giggled when in their remixes there's always some faux rapping of Benji / Heidi about their dancing.. so funny :)

I can't wait to see what those two do -- I've been reading news articles, etc, and Benji and Heidi are going to do some instructional dance DVDs (we wants! we wants them, precious!), as well as loads of Broadway and film offers :D

And how cool would it be next season if they got Benji back to help with the ballroom / latin / swing choreography (ala Artem)!

*still dancing*

Btw - anyone heard if and when SYTYCD2 will be out on DVD! I must have it! :D

At 2:36 p.m., Blogger The Glitterati said...

BRG: Aw shucks, it just ain't the same without ya!

I can't imagine the crazy make-up/wardrobe changes that had to occur for the big group number! Good practise for real life, I guess. Totally agree with the lackluster way of booting Heidi and Donyelle. Donyelle must have just KNOWN when she was called 2nd that she wouldn't make it. Bummer.

Oh and if you happen to hear some rustling in the bushes and the telltale beep of a video camera outside your matrimonial love nest one day... don't worry, I'm sure it's just your imagination.

Okay, that was creepy. Sorry. :P

Erin: Hot lovin' tinseltown*, Benji WASN'T an original pick?!?!?! I can hardly believe it. (Well, maybe I can, because Brian was all "I was NOT rooting for you, Benji") I was disappointed that Hok couldn't stay on the show due to visa issues, but now I'm super glad. No offense to him, he was amazing, but we needed more Benji! Talk about an underdog!

That Donyelle had better never give up dancing! I don't think you get signs like that every day! Man, I'm just glad no one was in the room at that moment -- my steely sarcastic reputation would have been busted like that.

I don't know when the DVD comes out, but I do know that I'll be sleeping with it under my pillow when it does!

* I have no idea what that meant. It just felt fun to say in my head.

At 2:38 p.m., Anonymous Erin of Scotland said...


Glitter, you're a funny wee thing :) (as they might well say in Scotland ;)

I seriously can't believe you forgot to set an alarm to buy tix to the show, though. That's just madness!! Knowing how much pain you're in about that, though, I won't give you too much hell for it ;) (still, I *so* wanted to live vicariously through your going!).

I wonder that they will add extra dates. I mean, the NY show sold out in 11 minutes.. and I'll bet there are shitloads of others out there in the same situation as you.

Re: Benji being first alternate.. yeah.. I didn't know until I saw the article on Entertainment Weekly. So yeah, thank goodness Hok went. He'll probably sort out a work visa for next year's show anyway. If they audition, there are three people who I reckon will get into the top 20 - Hok, that little blonde girl who got injured in Las Vegas and that curly haired kid who tapdanced and was like.. 22nd on the list.

At 12:37 a.m., Blogger The Glitterati said...

Erin: I know, I know... I can only hope they decide to add another show! Although if they're not doing it for New York, chances are slim to none that they'd do it for Toronto. Oh well, one can hope!

Oooh, I remember Inury Girl! I liked her, despite her weepiness. She was so darn suthurrrn y'all, I loved it. And she was tight on the dancefloor. Hok just seemed like a fun guy with the big heart, and that tap-dancing kid was such a surprise that I want to see more.



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