Friday, June 09, 2006

Public Service Announcement: Shopper's Drug Mart

Yo! If you have 40,000 Optimum points that your just *itching* to spend, this Saturday and Sunday would be a good time to do it. You can get $100 off your purchase by redeeming 40,000 points, which is $25 more than usual. Print off the coupon and read all about it here.

I'm going there tomorrow to buy my favourite perfume in the entire whole wide world, and maybe a percussion massager thingie.

When is Shopper's going to start paying me for all this publicity work that I do for them??


At 11:19 p.m., Blogger TheBeautyBrains said...

So what IS your favorite perfume?

PS We haven't talked to you in ages and we MISS you!

PPS We're enjoying your blog, keep up the great work.

At 6:54 p.m., Blogger The Glitterati said...

Hi Brains! How ya been?

My favourite perfume? Aw, it's embarrassing. So... pedestrian and ... common. But since we're all about self-disclosure over here... it's O Oui, by Lancome. It's my anytime, anywhere, feel-good perfume. Many friends have said that it is a very "me" smell. Which means that they think I am ... pedestrian and common and easily available in malls and department stores?


But yeah, been busy with the school and the science and whatnot. I have been quietly enjoying your posts though! But now I've a question coming at you, check your inbox! :)

At 4:51 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd like to hear what you women like best on men, when it comes to them smelling sexy? I've rarely used Colognes, perhaps thats why I'm still Anyways 2-3 years ago I tried Obsession in which I received some positive feedback. Thanks for advice. Nice site, I enjoy your posts about SYTYCD


At 7:43 a.m., Blogger The Glitterati said...

Hi James! Thanks for your question... I made a new post about it here, in which I give my opinion and poll other readers about it. Hopefully there'll be lots of helpful suggestions! Thanks again for visiting!


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