Thursday, June 01, 2006

Do they cover this in defensive driving?

So, today, I drove past this car that was completely on fire.


I didn't see the accident (looks like it plowed into a divider) nor did I hear the car go boom, but damn the pyrotechnics were crazy. The entire thing was just swallowed by fire... you could barely even make out the outlines of the car. The burning cars we see in movies were like birthday candles compared to this. I was 2 lanes over, and in the 1.3 seconds it took to drive past the flaming rubble, I could feel the heat coming through my closed window.

Toronto! Such madness. I don't know if anyone got hurt (couldn't find the story up on line yet... that's how fresh this news is, straight from me to you, o' faithful blog readers!!), and I really hope no one did, but exploding cars generally tend to hurt people quite badly.... Sigh.

Drive safe y'all, stay away from large objects engulfed in flames, ok?



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