Sunday, June 04, 2006

Product Review: LUSH Whipstick

(aka: 3 unrelated things)

1.   Whew, I am in full-on camp counsellor mode. From the capris and bright yellow t-shirt to the pony tail and runners. We had this Gala/Open-House Thing For Children and Old People today. I was manning the door prize table, lucky me! There was so much chipper small talk and nose-wrinkling cuteness that I feel like I should go pick up some lozenges and wrinkle cream. Ah well, it was a nice event (Sharon and Bram of Sharon, Lois, and Bram were there!!!!) and it was kind of fun. No, really. I am good at Children and Old People, it's a skill I have.

2.   Anyway, I should definitely be working right now, but because I love all you readers almost as much as I love procrastination, here's a quickie review on LUSH's Whipstick lipbalm. Just in case you were wondering what that's all about.

As LUSH's website says: "Three words: Chocolate Lip Balm. You don't really need to know more, do you?" They're right, it's MMM-MMM-GOOD! Smells totally edible, just like a chocolate orange: full of cocoa-y goodness without being overly sweet or plasticky. There is a slight (slight!) synthetic flavour, but that comes through in taste more than smell. There is a vaguely sweet taste, but the yumminess basically all comes from the smell. Definitely the best chocolate lip balm I've ever tried.

The name is deceiving. The texture is not really whipped. In fact, it's kind of hard. If, however, your boyfriend at the time goes "Cool! Lemme try!" and digs his finger into the tin in an overly forceful manner and ruins the smooth surface, you will find that the texture underneath is kind of whipped*. Spongey-whipped, like over-whipped cream, but harder. That sounds gross... it's really nothing that disconcerting, just a bit odd.

Once it gets on your lips, it melts on and delivers a good amount of light-feeling moisture. Doesn't feel slick or add much shine, but it feels quite smooth and nice. It imparts a faint beige tinge, which actually looks good on me, but you'll have to decide how it looks for you, of course.

The tin is cute, and the screw-top lid is neat. You get an insanely tiny amount for $10 CAD (after all taxes), but a little truly does go a long way. I guess being small means it's easy to tote around, at least. And that smell! What a way to get your daily dose of chocolate!

$10 is a teeny bit much to pay for this, but I do really like it and will probably re-purchase. Besides, what's the point of buying a less expensive product if you hate it and never use it? (Hello Body Shop Lip Butters!) Would also be a fab gift for a younger person, because it's more special than Chapstick but 'natural' enough so that Mom won't freak out.

3.   And finally, I leave you with this:

(click for giganticity)

Ok, I know "thou shalt not covet" or whatever, but I am seriously coveting Gabrielle Union's skin. Amazing! And that's in High Definition! Jen Garner also looks incredible in close-up. Covet covet covet!

Images from, which is a great place to go if you're the type to obsess over celebrities' pores and wrinkles and whatnot. I just came away envious. But it's still pretty cool. (Link via Jack & Hill.)

* After you have killed (or at least reamed out) said then-boyfriend, that is. Better men have died for less; do NOT fuck with my lipbalm.



At 10:08 a.m., Blogger Cowgirl Warrior said...

I love that lip balm, it also made me crave chocolate so we had to part ways.

Thanks for the ecard!

I'm off to a meeting so I'll check all the blogs and the rest of your reviews when I get back.

At 8:19 a.m., Blogger Berlina said...

would bronzer look bad on someone who is medium tanned? I am of Bengali decent which is pretty much Indian skin tone, and I always thought bronzer was a ridiculous product to buy for myself.

At 12:49 p.m., Blogger The Glitterati said...

Hm... I'm not much of an expert on Indian skintones, but I think bronzer could look quite nice. Especially if you have warm undertones. The tricky thing about bronzers for med- and darker skins is finding one that doesn't look ashy or orange. All the Indian girls I know look amazing in jewel toned make up, and I think a subtle use of bronzer would have a similar effect.

However, I think that you guys are fortunate because you don't *need* bronzer... with your golden skintones, you could probably get a similar effect just using a nice warm-hued blush. (Of course, this is a bit of a generalization -- there's way more variability within ethnic groups than between them!) But hop on over to a Sephora, have them try it out on you, and see if it makes a difference! What have you got to lose? ;)


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