Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Person of the Year!!

Hello internets! How've you been? Me? Oh, I'm alright... I actually left work while the sun was still up today, so that was a nice change. Plus, today was Wednesday, and that means super-fantastic CNTM fun!

Actually, I continue to be disappointed with CNTM. I know it's probably because my expectations are too high -- I'm sure that the first season of ANTM was equally shakey. But dudes, fish-eyed psycho Sisi has got to GO. Even if she did take a good picture this week. I maintain that the picture was only good in a scary-angle-y kind of way, but it was loads better than many of the rest. What was WITH all the non-face shots? Tyra would've been all "You gotta show the cam-er-a your FACE, and CON-NECT with the camera". Oh that Ty-Ty.

I am of course très triste that home-girl Dawny bit the dust, but she truly was very deer-in-the-headlights throughout this whole thing. Oh well, I recall that Calgary has a modelling agency, so maybe she can work for Avenue magazine or something, where being boring is not such a big deal if you're as gorgeous as she is. Speaking of boring, it was interesting how they asked the girls to vote someone off the (Vancouver) island. The producers were probably gagging from all the sisterly love and the "ohmigod you look sooooo gorgeous!" that was happening at the house, and decided to throw some venom into the mix. Will Psycho Sisi go all Alfred Hitchcock on her housemates? Only time and video confessionals will tell!

But on to the REAL topic of this post. So You Think You Can Dance proved to be a much more satisfying experience. Choreo, meltdowns, and cranial trauma, oh my! Not to mention all the breathtakingly tight bodies and even tighter moves. Of course there is delicious Brian, the hot young judge who manages to make us go all dreamy-eyed even when he's being mean. But my main man on the show is....

.... Benji Schwimmer?!?!?! Yeah. The son of the so-called King of Swing. The dude with the insane tricks and the spray-cheese facial expressions. The man in the hip-hugging black suit with FLAMING HOT PINK accents. The guy who looks like this:

Oh yes, I think that just might be a pleather pants-and-vest combo that he is sporting. Simply dashing, isn't it? He is shown here with his cousin Heidi Groskreutz, with whom I think he performed on the show tonight. They may have said that she was also a contestant, but I was too busy swooning to pay much attention. MAN, I loves me some Benji. I have no idea why, but I do. He is my new future husband. I will marry him and we will raise a barnful of swing dancing kids and form our own Swiss Family Robinson-esque dance troupe and go twirling off into many sunsets together. I'm sure my current future husband (Michael Bublé) will understand.*

To the chagrin of my irrationally smitten self, they showed a clip from next epsiode of Benji collapsing on stage in tears. This is supposed to make us think that he didn't make it through the next round of eliminations. OR IS IT??? Those could be tears of joy he's shedding. I think my future husband would be the type to shed tears of joy at a dance competition. That would be something he would do. Being "Person of the Year" is apparently also something he would do:

Have YOU been named "Person of the Year", Nigel Lythgoe?

So yeah Benj, you had better make it on to the next round, you hear me? I am not ready to let you out of my life yet. But if you do get booted, and you need a shoulder to cry on ... call me, okay? We can go pleather-shopping or something. Because a couple that accessorizes together, STAYS together.

* Ok fine, I have bizarre and inexplicable taste in men. And they're all very artsy fartsy and may quite possibly be homosexual. If you feel that you can't ever look at this blog the same way ever again, I understand entirely. If it makes you feel any better, I watched an entire season of Charmed just because I think Drew Fuller is hotter than Hades**. I even endured his awkward acting and poor delivery and everything!

** Wait, now I'm the chump that likes goofy effeminate men, AND watches Charmed. Super.

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[EDIT: For those of you that landed here looking for pictures or videos of Benji Schwimmer and Heidi Groskreutz, I'm afraid I don't have any. You can check out the links on my fake shrine to my future husband, or go here and see some older footage (from previous competitions or shows, not from SYTYCD). Spread the Benji love, y'all!]

[EDIT 2: Ok, I lied. There are now videos. Please see the Benji Schwimmer Video Collection for your salivary pleasure.]



At 1:29 p.m., Blogger Kat said...

I do love me some Benji. He has got to be my favorite on that show and who can't love his cheesy facial expressions! A few shows ago he was wearing normal clothes when he was dancing and lets just say, he was HOT. If he is not on the show tonight I will lose it!


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