Wednesday, November 26, 2008

PSA & Review: Shopper's Sale on Revlon ColorStay Top Coat, + Soap & Glory

Hey guys! A quick post today to tell you about Shopper's Drug Mart's sale on Revlon's ColourStay Top Coat. Only $4 a pop, compared to the regular $7 or $8, a total steal! In the states, this Top Coat appears to be mostly sold in a set along with a coloured polish (more on that below), but for once, we Canadians have the advantage and can buy it separately.

This topcoat is thick, but dries quickly enough under OPI's Drip Dry (another awesome product that deserves a post of its own). It's perhaps not the shiniest top coat... it gives moree the glossiness of hard plastic than the bright shine of vinyl or crystal, but I like the look. It somehow manages to hide my polish mistakes... minor bubbles or dragging (from me not being patient enough to wait for the 1st coat of colour to dry) are disguised. The best part is that it makes my nail colour last and last.... I am NOT a gentle person when it comes to my hands (basically because I am a klutz), and this stuff actually allows me to keep colour on for more than a day without looking like a Derelicte reject.

Given my newfound obsession with nail colour, my bottle of Color Stay Top Coat is about 2/3 gone, so I'll definitely have to stock up.

A note on the actual coloured polishes in this line: While the wear is no doubt great, I found it impossible to do a manicure with the shade I got (Always Vintage). The polish is thick, goopy, and stringy, even from a brand-new bottle. It's ok for doing toes, since I can use my dominant hand for everything, and you don't have to be as precise. But nails? No way I can pull that off. If you have better polishing skills than I do, you may find them ok to use, but I think a lot of people have experienced similar issues with this line. Plus, it stinks something fierce.

Speaking of things that stink... it looks like Shoppers will start carrying Soap & Glory stuff! I saw some on a recent trip to the States, and was charmed by the packaging and cute names. I bought the travel sized version of Great Shakes Hand Cream, but while it felt really nice, I was appalled by the strong, sickly scent. It is headachingly cloying and sweet, like the strawberry+patchouli scent that is Miss Dior Cherie. (Which I hate, but if you love it, you will probably love Great Shakes.) Still, I haven't given hope for the rest of the line, and am glad we're finally getting access to it! Look out for Soap & Glory at your friendly neighbourhood Shoppers!

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At 4:35 p.m., Anonymous the ex-roomie said...

Strawberry + Patchouli? Gag and vomit.

At 6:36 p.m., Blogger The Glitterati said...

Pretty much exactly, yeah.

At 12:55 p.m., Blogger Rae said...

Hm. I might just love Great Shakes the way I love my Miss Dior Cherie.

Lightly, for less than two minutes, at a distance of at least one meter.

Oh, Shopper's. How I love you.

At 3:12 a.m., Blogger The Glitterati said...

Rae: Hee, sounds like we are of similar mind (nose?) when it comes to this one. Ah well, at least it wasn't an expensive bust.

Incidentally, "lightly, for less than two minutes, at a distance of at least one meter" is how I enjoy my fellow public transit takers...


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