Thursday, June 07, 2007

Comments For a Cure: The Final Count!

Whooooeeee! So the final comment tally on this blog over the past three days is .... 30! Accordingly, I have donated $30 to the Canadian Cancer Society. Thank you to all you commenters -- your support made this happen!

As promised, one lucky winner will be receiving this T-shirt:

And the winner is..... AMBER! She left a comment on the Dove Antiperspirant review. Congratulations, Amber! If you could please contact me at, we can talk size and colour and all that. Please contact me by the end of Tuesday June 12th, as our fabulous Caf├ęPress store will be closing soon after that.

Oh ho ho, but wait, the fun's not over! Remember those eBay auctions I talked about? Well, there's THREE of them, and they all kick off on Sunday, June 10th! Check it out:

Huge. HUGE! There is so much effin' stuff in those auctions! An entire collection of Tarte Cosmetics (pretty much every product you could think of using). $250 worth of Bourjois Paris. Nail products from China Glaze, Nubar, and Zoya. A frickin' T3 Travel Dryer!!! (You may have read about the BeautyAddict's yearning for a T3 dryer) Holy guacamole. Check out the entire product listings for each auction here. There's close to $1000 dollars worth of stuff in each of the big baskets. My eyes glaze over just looking at it all.

Even better, the entire winning bid will be going to the American Cancer Society. Every cent.

Here are the links for the auctions. They won't go live until Sunday June 10thso you'll just get an error if you visit the auctions before then:

[EDIT: The links here have since been updated, please see this post for the new listings!]

I... I can't even write about this anymore. It's just too much. I'm just going to spend the rest of the afternoon clicking through the slideshow, and count down the hours until Sunday when I can start bidding.

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