Thursday, May 10, 2007

Product Review: New York Color Pencil & Pout

Cheap and Cheerful.

Apparently this is a good thing when uttered across the pond, and not a name for a value-priced escort service or something. And since I'm ready and willing to embrace all things English, from their accents to their bands to their... er, accents, I'll be all over this like ... like how Paris Hilton will pay complete attention to everything. (Okay, I know that doesn't actually make any sense, but I just wanted to use that quote. Because... seriously, Paris?)

So, if you've been reading along, you'll notice that I have this intermittent obsession with the red lippies. Can you blame me? All the models look so damn gorgeous with their ruby-red lips (and the heartbreaking bonestructure and impossibly good hair and genetically unlikely eyes and whatnot) that I just wanted to hang with the cool kids. But, sometimes, you just want a lipcolour that WORKS. Something strong and polished-looking, but that you don't need to plan a whole outfit or attitude around.

For me lately, this go-to lip colour seems to be NYC's Pencil and Pout, in Parfait Duet. This product has a creamy pencil and a smooth pigmented gloss all in one neat medium-sized package. Line and fill with the pencil, then top with gloss, and voila, you've got a glossy lip look with amped up staying power. This will come off on your coffee cup, no doubt, but you'll still find enough pigment on your lips afterwards to leave a pretty stain. And, unlike most longer-lasting glosses, this stuff isn't sticky, so you'll avoid the fly-trap hair phenomenon.

Parfait Duet is a plush, rich, cool rose. The gloss alone is pretty, but layer it over the pencil for the wow-factor. (The pencil is darker than the gloss, but somehow, the combo is bang-on). It ends up being a polite, ladylike colour -- perfect for work or mid-afternoon shopping. (Because in my warped little mind, snooty sales girls are nicer to me when I've got a good lipstick on.) This isn't exactly the sheery summery gloss look that is all the rage during warmer months. But it is poised and constant, like a good twinset and a double-strand of pearls. Oh, except for around $4 a pop, it'll cost you much less!

Alright folks, back to the paper writing. The end is near! Maybe!

PS: I should note that I was not equally impressed with all the colours in this line. The Teaberry Duet is a nice medium plummy neutral, and the Tawny is more coppery colour. But I was really disappointed with the lighter pink and peach combos -- the pencil looked orange or muddy, and the glosses lacked pigment, with an annoyingly chunky glitter. I don't know, maybe it just didn't work with my skintone, but there's the FYI for ya.

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