Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Product Review: Orange Palms Preventor

Things that suck:
- Cancer (I mean, duh, right?)
- The Sens game last night (Started out so strong! All for naught!)
- Streaky, stinky, orange palms after you self-tan

Fortunately, there's something we can do about 2 of those things*. Not that we can reduce the incredible suckiness** that is cancer, but we CAN help support the research and development of cancer treatment, prevention, and care. We at the Beauty Blog Network are making it easy to help. All you have to do is leave a comment on this and other participating blogs (see list below), today and tomorrow! For every comment made on this blog over the next 2 days, I will donate $1 to the Canadian Cancer Society, up to $50. (I'm only at 8 comments so far, let's kick it up a notch!) Plus, commenters get a chance to win a free t-shirt. It doesn't cost you anything other than a couple of seconds, and the comment doesn't have to be anything profoud... just say that you're "Commenting for a Cure" or something. Or share your own stories about how cancer has touched your lives. Or tell a joke. Or share a recipe. Whatever. Just comment! It's fun, I promise!

Okay, so what about those orange palms? Savvy ladies know that sun tanning is a big no-no (cf: cancer sucking), but sometimes you just want a little glow to go with that sassy little sundress. The marvels of modern self-tanning technology have made it a snap to achieve golden skin without the risks of sun damage. In fact, there are so many self-tanners on the market that Kristen over at Beauty Addict is doing a series of very helpful reviews on a whole bunch of tanners. But while good formulas can give you streak-free, natural looking colours, virtually all of them require you to rub it in with your hot lil' hands. Which often means that you end up with palms that are stained orange and reek of the telltale DHA smell.

Soap and water will help, but not much. Even if they get the colour off, I can always still smell the DHA stank, which is especially gross on your hands since it comes into close contact with your nose and mouth so often. Plus, it interferes with perfume if I spritz it on my wrist. This is where this nifty little product comes in to save the day:

Orange Palms Preventor. Not the most original name to be sure, but at least it's obvious what it does. After you apply your tanner, all you need to do is wash your hands with a squirt of this creamy white scrub. It exfoliates away the residual tanner, and the plush formula keeps hands from drying out. Plus it's got this nice vanilla-orange smell to it -- the smell doesn't linger, but somehow, it eliminates the DHA smell from my hands. If you're like me and you just tan your legs (my arms tend to have more colour than my legs... I know, incidental exposure, bad!), you can scrub-up Grey's Anatomy style and use the Preventor all the way up your forearms. (I find I'm always inadvertently resting my arm agains where I've just put tanner). If you self tan your arms, you'll have to be more careful about splashing.

Just 1 squirt of the product will suffice for each use, and the bottle has lasted me through all of last summer and this spring so far (although I only self-tan sporadically). I got mine at Shopper's Drug Mart, but I haven't seen it on store shelves recently. You could try asking their cosmetics manager to order it in for you. You can also try purchasing Orange Palm Preventor from their website, or from this site.

I truly consider this item a summer essential. Check it out and see how you like it... anything to make self-tanning a more pleasant process is good in my books!

Thanks for visiting & commenting today, and please check out the Comments for a Cure website, Caf├ęPress Store, and leave comments for the other participating blogs too!

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* The Ottawa Senators are, I'm afraid, on their own.
** I sound flippant for such a serious topic, I know. But when it comes down to it, the disease just sucks, plain and simple.

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At 4:09 p.m., Blogger Cowgirl Warrior said...

I'm faithfully commenting :)

What a great invention, I wish I had thought of that.

At 5:30 p.m., Blogger Heena said...


At 8:00 p.m., Anonymous Toya said...

Until there's a cure!

At 10:34 p.m., Blogger Man of the Century said...

Cara, I miss you. Come home this summer! Bring food.

At 8:48 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trying againg to comment for a cure-didn't work yesterday. Love your blog!

At 10:52 a.m., Blogger Sugarshock said...

way to go girls!
all the best,

At 11:42 a.m., Blogger yummy411 said...

1 for all and all for 1!

At 11:57 a.m., Anonymous Karen said...

Just another fellow Beauty Blog Networker leaving a comment for a cure! Have a great day!

At 12:16 p.m., Anonymous Teri - BeautifulMakeupSearch said...

Here is to the Cure!

At 4:08 p.m., Anonymous Elke said...

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that's taken the time to come out and comment to support us.

It means so much and we're thrilled to see you here!

Heartfelt thanks..

Elke Von Freudenberg, Founder
The Beauty Blog Network

At 9:59 p.m., Anonymous the roomie said...

Orange is not the new black, and apparently the Sens are not the new Stanley Cup champs. Cry.


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