Monday, December 11, 2006

Product Review: Magic of Aloe Proto-Collagen Moisturizer

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You have no idea how difficult it was for me not to start this post off with an cheery "Aloe aloe m'lovelies, an' 'ow are we today?". Oh wait... did I just? Drat.

I must admit that I've never been big on the aloe-vera band wagon. I've heard about all the magical things it purportedly does... from soothing cuts and bug bites, to helping sunburns and irritated skin. Apparently, part of the aloe plant may even cure puppy cancer! (Yes, seriously.) And sure, it's probably in a lot of my creams and crappe already, but a mainly-aloe product? Seemed kind of boring.

So, when I received Magic of Aloe's Proto-Collagen Moisturizer, I kind of skipped over it in my excitement over the rest of the package.

When I finally did get around to trying it, it was the thick of summer, and the lotion, despite being light in texture, felt a bit greasy somehow. A bit icky. So it got pushed to the back of my "creams and crappe" bin. But now that winter is nipping insistently at my nose, toes, and other non-rhyming body parts, I thought that I would give it another try.

Whooo boy, am I ever glad I did! My skin is moving from the normal-to-oily to normal-and-slighly-dry range, and the Proto-Collagen Moisturizer is like a much needed drink of water. It no longer feels greasy -- while it doesn't have the "matte" feel of HappyDerm, it sinks in quickly and leaves a soft, smooth finish. The scent is a bit strange... it smells quite like aloe gel, actually. But this just means that it's not scented, and so would likely be good for sensitive skins. Anyway, the smell doesn't linger, but the fresh & moisturized feeling does.

This soothing lotion can be used around the eye area with no problems. It doesn't exacerbate blemishes either... in fact, it even seems to be clearing them up a bit. Primers and foundations go over this just fine.

My biggest gripe with this is that it has no SPF, and I have to use other products with sun protection in them during the day. But it's a minor inconvenience... night or day, this light-weight yet moisturizing lotion is a solid bet. Thanks again to Meg for helping me keep my winter skin supple!

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