Thursday, November 30, 2006

I suck at packing

This would make life so much easier. And prettier.

10 shadows, 5 lipsticks, 2 blushes, a lip pencil, an eye pencil, mascara, and a bunch of applicators, all in one handy kit. The shades all look wearable and natural. It's what Q would give James Bond if Hollywood got confused and cast him in Miss Congeniality 3: Lipgloss is Not Enough. I can see him all opening it, one handed, with a flourish of the wrist. Suave.

So when your husband / boyfriend / mom / hotel porter yells at you to "pack light", I'm pretty sure they mean you should go out and buy this. You could maybe even use their credit card, because at $40 USD for all this (a $110 value, apparently!), they probably wouldn't even notice. Spy style!

Available from Sephora, and, hey, if you spend $50 USD or more on an online order before Dec 31st, you get this amazing gift chock full of yummy samples. Just enter code AMAZING4 during checkout. Tight.



At 3:55 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't know where to start...
That thing is totally Bond, but I'm suspicious of one colour palette fits all.

I can't believe there's no electricity in your bathroom, (Did you check the breaker? Did someone run a blow dryer and a straightener at the same time?).
It's pretty weird that one room would be without electricity.

That foundation looks interesting, I shall hunt it down.

I think I'll pretty dangerous in Sephora in Hawaii and therefore don't have to pay for shipping. I usually wait to buy enough that I don't pay for shipping anyway.

What I would like from you is a list of must-haves available at Sephora...I need guidance!

Oh yes there seems to be a movement of a trip to T. in June, you'll probably be home by then though.

At 12:40 a.m., Blogger The Glitterati said...

Yeah, I actually went down to Sephora today to take a look (I was in the area, I swear!) and the colours are definitely NOT "fits all" in the sense that you'd use them all. Well, *I* wouldn't use them all, at least. I mean, I could probably use at least 65% of it successfully, but not all. Still pretty neat though.

Fortunately, the bathroom situation has been resolved. We pushed some buttons, flipped a breaker, murmured a Gregorian chant, and did a rain dance... and then there was light! (Still have NO idea why it died in the first place. I wasn't even home to suck up energy with my appliances.)

Ooooh, the Sephora list. This will be challenging, and deserving of its own post. I'll work on it!

As for TO trip, YAY!!! I may or may not be doing a 3-week thing at Stanford in July, so any trips home will likely happen after that, which means I'll surely be around in June! So excited, I really hope you can make it happen!

At 2:11 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh I will make it happen :)
My German order will be in over drive, if it can organize a 300 box shipment in an itty bitty stock room it can get me to goal.


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