Saturday, December 09, 2006

I don't usually do this....

While I love clothes and boots and baubles as much as the next girl, I tend to let the many excellent fashion blogs out there talk about the hot trends and "it" items of the season. But I am really very excited about these gloves I bought yesterday, and so I thought I'd rave about them a bit.

If you are an obsessive blog reader like me, you no doubt have noticed the prevalence of short, wide sleeves on jackets and coats this season. Très stylish, yes, but frostbitten arms are no fun. So those in the know advocate long sleek gloves that go all the way up your arm, both as an of-the-moment accessory, and out of pure necessity. Allow me to demonstrate:

&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp

Of course, the girl on the left is wearing Chanel couture, and if you are the type to wear Chanel couture, I'm pretty sure you get driven everywhere in a limo with heated seats and are carried into parties and such in a mink-lined, climate-controlled pod with a champagne-stocked mini fridge. So, not so much worried about cold. But I digress...

Now, all my coats have full-length sleeves, but that doesn't mean I can't live out my Breakfast at Tiffany's fantasies underneath them. Elbow-length gloves? Hello! All over that. Except I tend to be TERRIBLE with my gloves, and lose, tear, or otherwise maim them with distressing regularity. $100 leather gloves, no matter how gorgeous (and believe me, I've seen some gorgeous ones) just weren't going to hapen for me.

So I was super excited to find black elbow length fleece gloves at Jacob*. Measuring just over 18 inches long, these are slim and lightweight, and have a slight gathering at the wrist to help it hug your arm. Even though they are fleece (because, come on, BABIES wear fleece) I feel strangely badass when I have them on, like I should be on a fast motorbike, ripping away to go kick butt and take names. Okay, so they might look a bit silly with a nice evening dress, but gosh darn it, my forearms have never been cozier or warmer. Besides, at $18 CAD, I won't feel like such a tool when I eventually lose them, or spill coffee on them, like I just did. Dammit.

Enough of me rambling about gloves. If you're looking to get your daily beauty-blog fix, why not check out some of these excellent posts?

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Well, that's all for me today, hope you're all enjoying your weekends!

* I wish I could post a picture for you, dear readers. But alas, I cannot find one of good likeness, not even after 45 pages of Google image hits. I tried, blog. I really did. I'm sorry.



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