Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Product Review: Labello Orange

Geeze, am I ever tired. This latte (Starbucks, 120-degree*, natch.) cannot kick in fast enough.

Speaking of addictions: Lipbalm. (You will see that this is listed as one of my interests, over in my Blogger Profile that I have finally updated, upon recommendation of the always-informative Beauty Brains, WHO, by the way, was recently mentioned in Science magazine, a feat that I can only dream of one day achieving! Go Brains!! Also, please excuse the randomness of the Profile. Yes, I know how the comma-thing works, I was just feeling theatrical last night.)

Um, so anyway: Lipbalm. It's Little Sis' birthday, the big 1-2, and although I am sending a gift of money as requested, I feel that I should include a little something else for her. For the record, I'd rather send a proper gift, but she asked for dough, and I almost remember what it was like to be 12, so... yeah. Since my mother (whom I love dearly) isn't really the "Let's sit down and talk about girl-stuff" type, I will do my best to be Girl-Stuff-Mentor, extraordinaire! (or, perhaps: esquire!) for Lil' Sis, even from a-far. This duty involves educating her on topics such as hair-styling, things to say to rude boys, how to monitor the phone line for my brother's espionatic efforts, and of course, make-up.

Lil Sis is not the particularly girly or trendy type, which is good, because I'm not sure that my parents would approve of glitter eye-shadow and fuschia lipstick. Still, a girl's gotta have something for those days when she wants to bump into her crush accidentally-on-purpose by his locker. (Gasp! She's entering Jr. High this year! My baby sister is entering Jr. High! Someone get me a tissue!) And so, I picked up this for her:

Softlips Tints in Sweet Rose. Looks like lipbalm so Mom won't get suspicious, but with some tint-y goodness so it's almost like makeup. Oh, and SPF 15, because SPF is awesome.

But, um, seeing as to how I haven't used this, and this is for her, I'm not even sure why I'm talking about it now. Maybe she will give me some feedback on it. Oooh, it could be a joint-sisterly-review effort. Right.

ANYway. While I was getting the Softlips stuff, I also saw a bunch of Labello lipbalms! I loved Labello when I was a kid... it seemed to be a staple in my super cool aunts' purses. When we moved to Canada, I didn't see it around, but I also didn't care as I was like, 8. Well, reading Chaptastic's most excellent review of the stuff made me all nostalgic for it, and it's now availabe widely in Canada, and so of course, I HAD to pick up a tube. (Chaptastic, by the way, is a fantastic read for a lipbalm fanatic like myself.)

I won't say too much about it here, as the good folks at Chaptastic have done a very thorough job of reviewing it. But I will add that the Orange flavour that I got smells just like Orange Tic-Tacs and has just a teeny tiny hint of sweetness, and so I am in happy Orangey-yumminess heaven. (I have also tried the Rose version, and that leaves you with a nice subtle flush on the lips.)

Also, this would be a good lipbalm for men, as it is not shiny, and the tube looks simple and sporty, not girly. Alternatively, gay men might like this particular flavour, because it says "For fruity, soft lips", which made me giggle**. Or is it just me that is an immature dumbass? Yeah, I thought so.

So yeah: Labello -- effective, yummy, cheap (under $2 CAD). Feeding the never-sated addiction? Priceless.

Wait, one more: my office is frickin' fuh-reeee-zing. In August. WTF?

* Don't judge me y'all, I swear that's the only demand I make. None of this "triple-foam half-caff soy" business.
** Um, just to make it clear, that was not meant to be derogatory in any way. My much-admired boss and some of my good friends are gay. I just thought it was funny is all. (See what happens when the latte doesn't work?)



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