Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bond No. 9 New York -- Awe-Inspiring Gift Sets

Hey friends! Woooo-eee, it's getting close, just 5 more sleeps until Christmas! If you've been salivating over the other Bond fragrances I've reviewed, or if you just can't decide, this post is for you. Perhpas you really really want to knock the socks off of a very special fragrance-lover in your life. Or maybe you want your giftee to completely forget the fact that her present is late! Whatever the reason, here is the most decadent gift set of all

The Bond I Love New York Double-Decker Sampler Box

Oh my. Would you just look at that thing. 12 "Downtown" fragrances, in mini (50 mL) Superstar bottles, all in one cleanly luxurious 2-layer box.

I see (starting from the middle of the top layer, clockwise) Scent of Peace, Chinatown, Fire Island, and Westside. I see The Hamptons and Bryant Park. I see Wall Street, Nuits de Noho (?), and Coney Island. I see Bleecker Street, and 2 more lovelies hiding under there unseen. I see a gift that will inspire speechlessness followed by hysterics. I may even see fainting. I also see a $1600 USD price tag. (Hey, art and decadence doesn't come cheap! Besides, isn't that the definition of a great gift? Something they'll love, but would never get for themselves?)

No doubt, the double decker set is the height of luxury. For those of you who want the variety, but can't quite afford the price tag, consider the Bond Bon Bon Box, or the Perfumista Blending Box, each at $250.

The Bon Bon Box features 18 fragrances in 6 mL refillable spray bottles. Each bottle is gorgeously wrapped in metallic foil, and are presented like the most sumptuous candy box you have ever laid eyes on (except enjoying these won't ruin your diet!). Included scents are: Chelsea Flowers, Chinatown, Wall Street, New Haarlem, Park Avenue, So New York, Riverside Drive, Fashion Avenue, Broadway Nite, West Broadway, Chez Bond, Hamptons, Eau de Noho, Nuits de Noho, Central Park, Madison Soiree, Little Italy, and of course, Eau de NY.

The Perfumista Blending Box includes all the scents in the Bon Bon Box, except for So New York and Riverside Drive, in 1/4 oz. refillable spray bottles. Packaged in a similarly gorgeous way, it includes an empty bottle to allow for custom blending. Either of these sets will keep any fragrance lover happily occupied until next Christmas!

If you're in New York, you can purchase Bond goodies at one of Bond's 4 boutiques. Saks Fifth Avenue, Harvey Nichols, Harrod's of London, and Lane Crawford in Hong Kong are also retailers. As for the rest of us, we can order through the Bond website.

This review was posted for me by the ever-fabulous Ex-Roomie, who is kindly administering the blog while I am gallivanting around Asia. I will respond to comments and emails when I get back. Promise!

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