Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Perfect Presents: Makeup Train Case

Dudes, I have been searching for a makeup storage solution for so long. As it is, I have shadows, blushes, and lip glosses (so! many! lipglosses!) tucked away in every drawer, nook, and cranny it seems. Aside from the general displeasing clutter, it means I don't go through my collection nearly enough, and what's the point of having 14 different pink glosses if I only wear 2 of them?

If a makeup lover in your life faces the same dilemma, then you must consider getting them a train case.

Perfect For: Your friend who's bathroom overfloweth with product; Your friend who despises that her bathroom overfloweths with her roommate's products.

Why it's Perfect: It'll store and organize all her treasured products, and put an end to those "WHERE is my poppy pink cream blush/violet shimmer gloss/glitter eyeliner" mornings. Which is a happy thing for everyone involved!

Yes, you could spend $90 at Sephora on the Metro Train Case (pictured). However, if your gift-giving budget is lower than that (or if you're buying it for yourself and you would actually like to have money left over with which to buy the cosmetics that would go in the case), good ol' WalMart has a very respectable, comparable version, for just $40 CAD.

With 2 tiers (2 on each side, 4 trays total) and a deeper center compartment, the train case lets you see all your cosmetics at a glance. As well, it has brush holders on the inside lid of the case, so you can keep your tools neat and stray-powder free. Oh, and it comes with like a gazillion different products inside. They're those "Colour Company" type of cosmetics... probably not the best quality. But, you can always donate the loot to a kid's dress-up trunk or a local children's / amateur theatre.

But of course, the one from WalMart only comes in brushed silver and black leather-look. Sephora's got 'em in PINK! ;)

This review was posted for me by the ever-fabulous Ex-Roomie, who is kindly administering the blog while I am gallivanting around Asia. I will respond to comments and emails when I get back. Promise!

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