Saturday, December 15, 2007

How do you pack for the holidays?

It's getting to that time when everyone jets off to visit family and other loved ones for the holidays. I myself am off to Hong Kong, Singapore, and China (if everything's gone well, I'm already there!). While I love traveling, I hate packing. I'm terrible at it. And when it comes to cosmetics, I always want to take everything with me. With the new liquids restrictions, all I can say is "Thank goodness for mineral makeup!"

While I'm by no means a seasoned pro, I have found some tips and tricks to help streamline the process a bit. Here are mine... what about you? What do you bring in your little plastic baggie? Any travel tips that have saved your beauty butt?

I love re-using old HappyDerm bottles to store soaps and things -- the bottle is slim and has a locking pump dispenser, so I can put my cleanser in an empty bottle, plus take a bottle of the actual lotion on board with me in the plastic baggie, and there's still room for everything else I need (like about 7 lipglosses/balms. Actually.).

I think fragrance is a must, it's the perfect pick-me-up after a long flight. I prefer lighter scents over spicy or musky ones, if for nothing other than consideration for my fellow travelers. Of course, my choice of fragrance is constrained by the bottle size, so bug your favourite perfume counters -- they may have some itty bitty vials hiding behind there!

I don't bring my shampoos, lotions, body-wash etc. with me, or any styling products other than a the frizz-tamer. Those all go in checked luggage. My hair is just going to end up in a pony tail by the end of the flight anyway, so as long as it's smooth, I'm happy. I love the Frederic Fekkai Glossing Creme -- it has that nice fresh scent, which also helps perk up those locks (at least in my mind).

In checked luggage, I really just toss all the bottles in plastic bags and hope for the best! Sometimes I squeeze out any excess air from tubes of product if I can... makes a bit more room, and things seem a bit less likely to explode that way. Drug stores sell little empty bottles that let you pour your faves into travel-friendly sizes. Look for the kinds with screw on tops, and nozzles that actually snap into the top, as opposed to flip top caps and sports-drink style spouts, which are more likely to pop open or leak.

For those who must have their pomades, serums, and creams with them on the flight, I'd suggest popping into a Sephora or Body Shop. They both have those tiny sample containers that you can put liquids or creams into. In a pinch, old film canisters (washed & dried, of course) will do, but they are bigger and won't work for runny products. And for true minimalists, a couple Olay Daily Facials (wet or dry) are a good option to take instead of cleanser, and hand lotion or even a bit of lipbalm will serve as a temporary frizz-tamer.

See what I mean? With all this junk to take along, it's a wonder I get out the door at all! Can you sympathize, or are you just horrified by all this maintenance?

This review was posted for me by the ever-fabulous Ex-Roomie, who is kindly administering the blog while I am gallivanting around Asia. I will respond to comments and emails when I get back. Promise!


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