Thursday, December 13, 2007

Perfect Presents: Oral Fixation Mints

They say true beauty comes from within, and I'm pretty sure they mean "from within your mouth". Make sure your breath is as pretty as your lipgloss with the happiest mints EVER, Oral Fixation Mints.

Perfect For: Your coworker with the chronic coffee breath; your friend who's trying to quit smoking or snacking (or both!); someone with whom you are about to make out.

Why it's Perfect: So stylish and delicious, no one could be offended by receiving these. They take longer to eat than M&M's, but are sugar-free. And did I mention the stylishness and the deliciousness???

These mints come in beautiful brushed metal tins, reminiscent of cigarette cases of yore. With gorgeous designs on the tins, each one is inlaid with a delicate printed paper reflecting the theme of each flavour.

Jasmints, delicate pale lavender mints stamped with a flower design, are mild and delicious, with a hint of floral flavour. Fabulous Fruit mints are bold, fuscia, heart-stamped, and fun. They are practically like candy, and the tropical flavours sparkle on your tongue. Classical Mints come in a steel-look tin, with a liner that looks like sheet music. The treble-clef stamped mint has a strong and ... well, classic peppermint flavour, and is perfect for the fashionable man or music-lover in your life.

You might think that these lovely little boxes of happiness might cost a small bundle. But you can build your own box of 12 flavours for only $30 (plus ship). That's less than $3 a tin! For a limited time, you can get 10% off a BYOB gift purchase by entering the code "giftyourfix" at checkout (details here). And in the spirit of the season, Oral Fixation will donate 10% from each BYOB purchase to Comedy Cures.

I can't stop eating these! They are seriously delicious, and addictive enough to take the place of any vices you may be trying to rid yourself of. The tins are even cooler in person, and pulling these out of my purse actually brighten my day a little (not to mention my breath!). They'd be wonderful as stocking stuffers, or as part of a bigger gift. I can't wait to try the Mimosa mints, and the Mojito mints, and Antioximints... and oh, I just want them all! You can order online as well as see the rest of the flavours on the Oral Fixation website.

For those of you looking for a local source, I've seen their "Sugar Free Tibet" (har!) mints sold at the Royal Ontario Museum gift shop. You can contact them to find out if there are retailers near you.

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