Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Foods I need to make, like ASAP

The title pretty much says it all guys. I don't know if this is a known fact, but I am basically obsessed with food blogs. In fact, I read as many, if not more, food blogs than I do makeup ones. (Scandalous, I know!)

Anyway, here are a list of recipes that I am just itching to make:

Smitten Kitchen's Lighter Airy Pound Cake. Deb is pretty much my go-to girl for anything baked or dessert-y, and I've been dreaming about delicious pound cake for, like, months. Besides, nothing says "hi, I'm a good neighbour / tenant" than the gift of freshly-baked goods. I must make this, as soon as it is tolerable to bake things (it feels like 40 Celsius here!)

Also from Smitten Kitchen: Cantaloupe Salsa (because mango salsa is so 3 seasons ago). Okay, I lied, I already made this. In addition to being freakin' delicious, it goes equally well on oven-baked BBQ chicken (Baste chicken breasts -- bone in, please -- w/ BBQ sauce. Bake at 350F until done.) as it does on leftover BBQ chicken on a green salad. Goodness gracious.

Not Eating Out In New York's Feta Tahini Dip. I love Tahini to unhealthy states. Normally, I just use it for my quick and easy Hummus (1 can of chickpeas [white beans are also a delicious option], a couple generous TBS lemon juice, about 3-4 cloves garlic, 2-3 TBS tahini, salt & cayenne pepper to taste). But Feta AND Tahini, together at last? Be still my racing heart.

Roasted Zucchini & Rainbow Chard, also from NEOINY. Despite my meat-loving tendencies, I also have a fondness for greens. Swiss Chard, with its pretty emerald and ruby hues, appeals to me. A cool friend introduced me to the joys of raw zucchini, and suddenly I just can't get enough. So this recipe (though the zucchini is cooked) looks absolutely divine. Toothy crunchy zuke, wilted chard, and capers? Cannot be bad. I think this would go awesome with some crispy pan-fried tofu slices too!

Chimichurri sauce, a la Simply Recipes. Seriously, rare steak (recipe here) & parsley & garlic & OMG this cannot go wrong. Incidentally (and again, contrary to the title of this post), I made this tonight to great reception. Must do again. So so good!

Okay, so while I sweat up a storm trying to make these things, maybe, out of heat-sympathy, you should also try these recipes! They sound truly amazing, and definitely worth turning on the oven for!

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