Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Product Review: Ms. Manicure & Ms. Pedicure

Hey, did you hear it's a recession out there? No kidding, huh. Even being the news-shy person that I am (I prefer the Emu Approach to dealing with depressing/alarming world events, i.e., stick my head in the sand until it's all over), I can't ignore the fact that everyone's trying to tighten the purse strings. But I've always believed that you don't have to spend a lot of money to look and feel good, and Ms. Manicure and Ms. Pedicure are here to prove my case.

These adorable new lines offer a plethora of manicure and pedicure essentials that equips you with everything you need to give your hands and feet the pampering they deserve, and lets you save your pennies at the same time. I took the Handy Dandy Mani manicure kit with me when I went away on vacation, and it truly was just the handiest thing. This cute fold up, zip-up case comes with a (are you ready for this*?):

Nail clipper, cuticle clipper, scissors, tweezers, orange wood sticks, nail file (durable and *much* better than those orange emery boards), 4-surface nail finishing doohickey, and a nail brush.

Phew! There's lots of room on the other side to hold a bunch of your favourite polishes and treatments too ('cuz you KNOW I can't go away for a week without bringing at least 4 polish shades with me. Obsession, I has it. But not the CK kind. Um, anyway...). Normally when I travel, that stuff is just chucked in a plastic bag, and I just pray and hope things won't knock around and explode. With this kit, everything is kept orderly and neat, and I can tuck it in securely between my shirts and shoes in my luggage. Oh, and did I mention the entire thing is only $10 US? TEN BUCKS! I've spent more than that on coffee in a week!

I also got to try some of their pedicure accessories too. I love the Smoothy Groovy (a pumice stone/scrub combo) -- perfect for use in the shower, or to achieve a Pedicure in a Hurry. The heel cream is surprisingly good too. I honestly wasn't expecting much out of a $3 product, but it out-performs some of the higher-end drugstore creams I've tried. Creamy, sinks in pretty quickly for a foot cream, and has a subtle herbal/mint smell that isn't overpowering or stingingly fake (here's looking at you, Calgon!). And the bottle will last for months.

Effective, economical, and pink... doesn't get much better than this! Seriously, if you are a nail-polish kind of girl, pick up a manicure or pedicure kit before your next trip, or even just to keep your tools organized at home. I personally think that the kits would make really cute bridesmaid or shower gifts as well... fill 'em with your friend's favourite polish goodies, maybe throw in a cuticle balm or a spa gift certificate... it's a present that is endlessly customizable. Plus, if you're a control-freak kind of bride, this can be a "subtle" way of telling your bridesmaids which colours you want them to wear on your big day!

US readers can find these lines... well, everywhere. Check out their website for a list of retailers, but I've definitely seen them at Tar-jay. My fellow Canadians, I bemoan the fact that I haven't spotted them here, but hopefully WalMart will start carrying them soon. You lucky Brit babes can find the lines at Boots and Superdrug (I think it's such a great fit for Superdrug's decor... so pink!) Final tidbit: these fabulous tools are brought to you by the same folks who make EcoTools. Remember how much I loved their stuff? I freakin' luuurve this company! Also, look out for a new review on EcoTools later this week!

* 90's and/or Bring It On flashback, anyone?



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This all new Ms. Manicure and Ms. Pedicure sounds like a wonderful and complete range of equipments required to have pairs of soft and beautiful hands and feet. Who would not like to go for such a wonderful kit. :-)


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