Thursday, August 06, 2009

Raspberry Jelly

Hey friends, super quick review today. Tonight. Whatever.

If you're into the nail polish scene, chances are good you've heard about China Glaze's Summer Days releases. A collection of polishes chock full of their signature glass-fleck sparkle? Sure to make polish afficionados everywhere drool with desire.

(Wow, this is not the most helpful photo. For better, obsession-inducing photos of the whole Summer Days collection in action, check out Michelle's post at All Lacquered Up.)

For the past couple of days, I've been wearing Raspberry Festival from Summer Days. It's a bright, happy and pretty clear red with pink glitter suspended in it. I would have thought the base colour would have been more pink/purple, given the name, but's it's more of a cherry red. I loves me some purple, so I can't help but be a wee bit disappointed, but it Raspberry Festival really is a great colour in its own right. The sparkle is just so pretty, and the jelly-ness of the base makes it look like lucite, or melted cherry cough drops on my nails. (I've quickly developed a weakness for jellies... they are just so shiny and cool and awesome!) There's a cool pink/light purple flash coming from the sparkle that keeps it interesting. Definitely a fun lighthearted colour for summer!

Application was pretty good... thinner than usual China Glazes, but also runny. For a Big 3 Free forumlation, I'd say it's an A-. As for wear... I put on some Revlon's ColorStay Always On topcoat (for iron-like protection), then layered Essie's Good To Go (for speed drying) over top. I've had it on for 2 full days now and there's just a teeeeny tiny bit of chippage (looks more like tipwear, really) on my dominant hand. China Glaze doesn't always last very long on me, so I'm happy with this.

If you're into reds, you should definitely check this out! The jelly-sparkle combo is really quite addictive!



At 12:43 p.m., Anonymous Kathy said...

OPI is my favorite nail polish brand. It doesn't wear off easily, especially when you use the base coat and the top coat to seal it. The only reason I ever have to do another pedicure is because my nails grew, not because the polish neat is that!

At 2:17 a.m., Blogger Kate Gene said...

This color definitely makes me think raspberry!


Kate Gene


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