Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Product Review: Burt's Bees Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil

With the Christmas Season fast approaching, we're starting to see all sorts of holiday-flavoured items on store shelves. From Cranberry to Spiced Vanilla to scents ominously named "Christmas"*, it seems retailers are doing everything it takes to get us in the festive spirit, whether they have to cram it down our throats or up our noses!

Still, I can't say it doesn't work. All it takes is a whiff of cinnamon here, a nip of chocolate and oranges there... and before you know it, my bells too are a-jingling**.

Proof of this not-so-subtle influence at work? I was in the market for a new lipbalm the other day (because I lost that Palmer's one that I am most recently addicted to), and instead of going for the tried-and-true, I picked up a tube of Burt's Bees Replenishing Lip Balm. What really got me was the promise of "pomegranate oil", and the pretty packaging. It seemed so cheerful and seasonal!

Well, despite its aesthetic merits, I'm afraid this lipbalm alone can't carry me through the holidays. Its glide is pretty smooth (none of that godawful grittiness that was in the Burt's Bees Honey lipbalm), but it feels a little bit waxy, and doesn't really sink in to dry skin as much as I'd like. It'll be ok to keep lips from getting dry, but if they're already dry, this balm won't do much. I certainly wouldn't call it "replenishing".

On the plus side, it has a very unique scent -- a sweet-tangy flavour, mixed with something spicy over top. Not quite cinnamon... anise maybe? Cloves? It was a bit strange at first, but after a few uses, I started to really like it. It's kind of refreshing in a slightly herbal, cider-y way... definitely a winter scent. The balm also imparts a slight rosy pink tinge to the lips -- not so noticeable that it looks like you're wearing gloss, but it does add a kick and sheen to your natural lip colour.

So if you're looking for a deep lush lipbalm to take away the winter flakes, keep lookin'. However, if you just want a basic, cheery holiday balm that isn't the peppermint/chocolate stuff that everyone else is hawking, give Burt's Bees pomegranate lipbalm a try.

* What does Christmas smell like anyway? Surprise puppies on Boxing Day? Reindeer hooves clicking on rooftop shingles? Accumulation of credit card debt?

** I have no idea what that's supposed to mean. I thought it might come to me after I finished the post, but... nope, still nothing.



At 8:40 a.m., Anonymous the ex-roomie said...

Christmas is the best smell! It's all gingerbread and cider and, most importantly, pine trees! And cedar. And cookies. Mmmmm... I love Christmas! :)

At 1:11 a.m., Blogger The Glitterati said...

Yeah, ok, but sometimes it also smells like hangover... :P

At 5:00 p.m., Blogger Foxish49 said...

Alba lip balm is amazing stuff, if you're still looking for another fantastic balm. I got mine at Walgreens, and I love it. No petroleum products, and most of the ingredients are organic. I've got the passion fruit flavor, and the coconut cream in their lip gloss.


At 2:55 a.m., Blogger The Glitterati said...

Foxish49: Hm... we don't have Walgreen's here, but I'm fairly sure I've seen Alba products at Shopper's, or possibly health food stores. I'll have to check them out next time, passion fruit sounds yummy! Thanks for the tip! :)


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