Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Product Review: Palmer's Dark Chocolate & Peppermint Lip Butter

Whoops, sorry for bailing on you guys last week. The dreaded cycle of midterms has arrived once more, which means I'm all about test-marking these days. Along with the hours of head-bashing frustration that is trying to decipher undergraduate writing under stress and time constraints, the past weeks have also brought... cold weather. Boo! I know... it's the end of October and the leaves are all orange, so what can I expect? But it is rather a shock to go from skirts and t-shirts to pulling out that furry fall coat.

Truth to be told, I love fall. It's my favourite season -- it marks a return to more dramatic makeup, plush fabrics, snuggling up with a cozy blanket, and of course, boots boots boots! But while a great pair of boots can cover up a neglected pedicure, those rich, deep fall lip colours will only highlight any cracked skin and flakiness on your lips.

To keep your kisser soft and nourished in cold weather, you've gotta try Palmer's Dark Chocolate & Peppermint Lip Butter.

The scent of this is amazing. It smells like those Girl Scouts Thin Mints, or those hard peppermint candies with the powdery chocolate inside. Delish! It doesn't taste like much, but the scent is so strong that you will *think* you are tasting something. Psychology!

Of course, the most important part is that this stuff is majorly moisturizing. It's as emollient as Vaseline, but without that awful petrol taste or the thick goopy feel. Palmer's lip butter goes on smooth and slightly greasy at first, but it absorbs quickly and evenly. It's the only thing I've found that will actually take away those dry flakes in under an hour.

The simple ingredient list is also a bonus. In the age of media scares (and that IS all it is, dammit!) about lead in lipstick and other such preposterous things, a product that contains only petrolatum (Vaseline!), cocoa butter, vitamin E, and fragrance is a refreshing change. There is peppermint oil in this though, so those with sensitive lips might want to give it a pass. Those without sensitive lips, however, may be happy to find out that the traces of the oil combined with the glossiness gives lips a healthy plump look.

All this for like $3 at your local drugstore (I found mine at Shoppers Drug Mart). With winter making a speedy approach, I'd better stock up so that there's one tucked away anywhere I might need soft moisturized lips!



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