Monday, October 15, 2007

Product Review: Estée Lauder Evelyn Pink Pure Color Crystal Lipgloss (Pink Ribbon Collection)

aka: All up in the Pinks.

Hello friends, can you believe we're half way through October already? This also means we're half way through Breast Cancer Awareness month, which means you've only got 2 weeks left to snap up all those "Pink" fund-and-awareness-raising goodies.

It can be hard to choose from amongst all the pink-themed products, but I had my eye on Estée Lauder's Pink Ribbon collection. I love Estée Lauder's lip products, and the company had committed to donating $500,000 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Besides, didja know that it was Evelyn Lauder who started the whole Pink Ribbon push 15 years ago?

This year's collection features 2 glosses, a lipstick, a bronzer compact, and a pin. Although the compact and matching travel brush was quite elegant, I am not much of a bronzer girl, and so I turned my attention to the lip products. The High-Gloss in Pink Ribbon was the same amazing texture and quality as the rest of the High-Glosses, but the colour was just too intense for me. It is a medium fuschia-pink that would go on sheerer than it looks in the tube, but just wasn't my cup of tea. I think it would look great on darker skin tones, or if you have cooler colouring than I do.

Deciding between the Pure Color Crystal Gloss in Evelyn Pink and the Pure Color Crystal Lipstick in Elizabeth Pink was harder. The gloss is a sheer, medium, cool-toned pink shot with silver sparkle, and is apparently Evelyn Lauder's favourite pink. The lipstick is paler and peachier... perfect for that signature nude pout that Liz Hurley (for whom the shade was named) does so well.

I went with the gloss in Evelyn Pink and it's lovely. Great with a neutral work face, the shimmer allows you to use it with darker eyes for the evening as well. And in case you haven't heard, Estée Lauder reformulated their Pure Color glosses this past Spring -- the texture is thicker and longer lasting, but somehow still retains that velvety smoothness and non-stickiness. Plus, the tube is slimmer and more streamlined, which makes it both easier and more chic to carry around. Oh, and they lowered the prices. (Yes!)

This was a fantastic little reward for a very busy month, plus it helped support a great cause. Definitely worth a splurge in my books! If you'd like to read more about where the Pink dollars you spend really goes, check out this article by the NY Times. Natasha Singer did a great job, and I'll be sure to refer to it for my next Pink Purchase!

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