Thursday, October 11, 2007

P.S. Kiss by Peter Som & Lancome - Pout à Porter Collection

[EDIT: Embedded video now fixed!}

I've never been one to flip out over trendy, must-have items. Seriously! Limited editions, special releases, directors' cuts... these are all things I can appreciate, but I don't crave them. For one thing, half the time, it's all just hype. The other half that are actually worthwhile lemmings? Tend to be out of my price range. Besides, I can usually re-create a satisfactory version using the kilos and kilos of products I already own, which is usually enough to carry me through the craze.

And then I saw P.S. Kiss.

It looked gorgeous on the runways this past January. I wanted it. Badly. Then summer came, and my attention turned once again (inevitably) to sparkly sheer glosses. But those embers of desire leapt back into flames when I saw the promo video for P.S Kiss, featuring the designer himself:

I'm in love all over again.

I love Peter Som because on the outside, he's sort of like those brilliant engineer types on campus (albeit an immaculately groomed and well-dressed engineer type). Then he speaks, and he's humble and down-to-earth and you just want to hug him and have him over to your place for tea party and some quality gossip or something. Yummy indeed, Mr. Som.

I love (LOVE!) that song. It's "Oh Mirande", by The Dadds, who are like the Arctic Monkeys, but French, which makes them even hotter. You can listen to the full version here, and I'm totally buying their album the second I figure out how. (So far, it looks like the "how" would involve a plane ticket to France.)

And of course, I love P.S. Kiss. Behnaz was pretty, but too bright/tomato-y for me. Proenza Pink was just... weird. But P.S. Kiss is glorious. Polished and refined and edgy all at once. I want this! I want it I want it I want it! I'll even pay the $40 or whatever they're asking (which I never) do. I NEED it!

But of course, when I contacted Lancome, I was told that the lipsticks in the Pout à Porter collection are only available in the U. S. of A. And so instead of a beautiful deep wine colour, my lips wear a desolate pout.

Maybe I'll get a surprise trip to a Nordstrom's in the near future. Or maybe I'll find it on Ebay (although I'm not sure I'm willing to pay scalper prices... did you see that Chanel Black Satin craze last year?!). Or maybe, just maybe, Santa reads my blog, lives in metropolis America, and has access to extremely coveted cosmetic items.

I'd also settle for that ticket to France...

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