Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Pretty girls should not smell like old-man-hair

Hi hi hi! I know I've been gone for forever, I've been back home visiting the friends and the family. Fun times!

So as you may notice, it's 4am and I need to get up at 8 and I just took the longest wee-hours bus ride ever and I'm just kinda rambling. But I did want to mention that my flight attendent had the strangest perfume ever. It was kind of powdery... kind of oily. It reminded me entirely of that pomade that old men like to put in their hair. Bryl Cream? Is that what it's called? In fact, I was convinced it was coming from Comb-over Carl sitting in the seat ahead of me, but I only smelled it whenever that particular flight attendent walked by.

Who would make such a perfume? I am entirely turned off by it, yet completely intrigued, because... well, WHY? When you can smell like posies and cookies and rainbows and feelings or whatever, why old-man hair pomade? What is the thought process behind such a creation?

So... um, yeah, if anyone knows what this perfume might be, gimme a shout and let me know, so I can google the heck out of it and discover the origins of this insanity.

In other news, the flight was most excellent. In some p < .001 kinda event, I got ALL 3 seats to myself. I totally stretched out... it was like Limo-Plane. Plus the meal was yummy, Shepherd's Pie for reals. Go Sunwing Airlines!

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At 6:19 p.m., Anonymous the ex-roomie said...

Food AND a bed?!? Wowza! I likes! But boo to Brylcreme. How do you make a vomiting smilie?


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