Sunday, April 08, 2007

Chelsea for Prez 2007!

Due to an unfortunate series of events*, I ended up watching the "Search for the Next Pussy Cat Doll" marathon on Much Music (Canadia's equivalent of MTV) today. Of course, now I'm all hooked and shit.

I jumped right in during the end of the most recent episode, and so my first impression of the show was one of: "Why is there a drag queen on stage singing Unbreak My Heart?" After watching the rest of the episodes (oh that's right, they showed them again and again! And again!), I realize that it's not entirely Anastasia's fault. If one is to stay true to a Toni Braxton song, one is going to sound a bit like a dude at some point. Which is not to say that Anastasia doesn't normally sound a bit like a dude in general, though I did like the performance.

Melissa S. reminds me of a ditzy girl I used to work with, so I'm not a fan. Melissa R. is pretty awesome, girl has some vocal chops.

However, I've gotta agree with my friend Cowgirl Warrior on this one, Chelsea is totally my favourite. I know she got flack for copying Christina Aguilera's style, but she sounded phenomenal. I thought they were playing the actual track in some moments. And I love that she called Asia out on being a bitch multiple times. Go Chelsea! Give that one girl who can sing in the PCD a run for her money! Rah rah!

Also, reunion episode on ANTM this week! I saw a Kim! Maybe we'll get more of Crazy Lisa! I can only hope that she gets drunk again and calls Brittany's bush of a weave "Cousin It". Man, I miss Lisa, no one soils herself in a giant diaper on national TV like she does.

* That is, a lot of work to procrastinate on, and complete control of the remote. Danger danger!

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At 9:16 a.m., Anonymous the roomie said...

Oh noes, G! It's like you're turning into me, what with all the tv addiction! I'd tell you to fight it, but (a) it's too late for that, and (b) I'd be a hypocrite!

At 2:00 p.m., Blogger The Glitterati said...

Psssht. Like *I* would ever get addicted to anything. Pfffffftttt.


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