Friday, November 30, 2007

Product Review: Rimmel Vinyl Lip lipgloss

I have had a most exhausting week, and it's not close to being over yet. But it seems like everyone's in the same boat. Certainly those hard-working police officers who pulled me over on my way home from work yesterday were busy. Busy writing me a ticket for slowly rolling through a stop sign, 2 blocks from my house, at 5 in the frickin' morning*.

Seriously guys, I know you have a quota or whatever, but fuck off, ok? Way to take $100+ from a poor underfunded grad student** who wanted nothing more than to crawl into bed for a couple measly hours of sleep, before having to star it all over again. The only thing that puts any justice into the situation is that I was flying down the Gardiner at like 140 KM/H earlier that night. So I guess we'll just call this one karma. But they're still assholes.

Anyway, poor Kristen over at Beauty Addict has apparently also been having a hellish time at work, and recently wrote a post about the beauty routines that are the first to go when we're frantically busy. Me? Definitely the hair. Heck, even on a good day, I'll sometimes pull it up just to get it out of my face, so when I'm unshowered and un-conditioned? A big ol' un-glamorous bun it is. And let's not even talk about the eyebrows.

But even in my sleep deprivation, I need my lipgloss. One I have been reaching for a lot lately is Rimmel's Vinyl Lip in Snog.

Snog is the perfect shade for those brainless days. It's a medium goes-with-everything mauvey pink. Slightly on the cool side, but it's pretty neutral, and has only a whisper of shimmer. Just a shade deeper than my medium pigmented lips, this has enough colour to put some signs of life back on weary faces, but not so much that you have to, you know, match it with anything.

Texture wise, this is great. Really smooth and fluid with a medium thickness, and you could probably get by without using a lipbalm underneath. Lasting power leaves a little something to be desired, but hey, it's cheap enough at about $6 CAD. The only potentially off-putting thing would be the scent. It has this insanely candyish orange scent to it, as if you'd just licked an orange sucker and stuck it under your nose. Reminds me of Vicks Vitamin C Drops, or even a Mr. Sketch marker. Not a problem for me, as I love orange candy, and rather like the smell. It fades substantially as you wear it, but if you're not a fan of scented lip products, steer clear.

A great gloss for on the go, or if you just want a pretty, natural lip look. I may even wear it to traffic court, in an attempt to charm the bastards into letting me off sans demerit points.

* Yes, I came home from work at 5am. Like I said: exhausting.

** The Finns have it right, I say. According to their formula, the police might have even ended up paying ME!

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