Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ask the Body Shop!

Hey y'all! Some of you may know that I used to work at The Body Shop back in the day. I loved the job... learned a lot, and made some lifelong friends. It was a blast! One thing I remember especially was watching the training videos for the then-newly released makeup line. I loved The Body Shop's head makeup artist, Chase Aston, both for his helpful tips ("bend the mascar wand when applying to another person's lashes") and for his lurrrvely accent. So when I got the opportunity to ask Chase some of my most burning beauty questions, I jumped at the chance. Here are my questions, and his answers, for your viewing pleasure!

Glitterati: Wedding season is upon us, and with it brings a whole lot of photo ops. Do you have any tips on how to look your best in photographs? (For brides and guests!)

Chase: Here's the secret to looking amazing in your wedding photos: add some special touches that you would not normally wear everyday. Visit your nearest The Body Shop store wearing your normal everyday make-up, and speak to a consultant about trying a new look for a special occasion. Ask her to demonstrate The Body Shop Spring Bloom collection on you and/or any other products to create a look for that special day.

Glitterati: Over the past few seasons, we've seen a lot of striking looks on the runways: from the return of lipstick, to all-over-neutrals, to bold 'n bright eyeliner. What beauty trends have inspired you the most? What trends or looks do you forecast being influential in the upcoming seasons?

Chase: When working on creating color trend collections, I work closely with The Body Shop product development team. The inspiration comes from art, color trends, fashion and the environment. The team liases with trend forecasters, then we discuss new formulations, textures and innovative trends and products. Once we have assimilated all this information, myself and the team then start laying down shades and formulations, that are trend led, innovative and also suit most our global customers. The Body Shop sells in over 52 countries, so it is a very tall order, but very exciting, always.

A trend that I believe will be influential in the upcoming seasons are a near-nude mouth. It catches light for an instant plumping effect and appears ethereal when part of a dewy, monochromatic face. It can be paired with creamy neutrals on eyes and liquid foundation on skin.

My fave Body Shop products for achieving these looks? For a flawless photo-ready complexion, consider applying your liquid foundation with a foundation brush. Yes, it takes more time, but you get a smooth, perfect finish, and you actually end up using less foundation. It's also very easy to stipple on extra product on problem areas, so you get coverage without masky-ness. The Body Shop's foundation brush is nicely weighted, with soft-yet-firm bristles, and at only $20.50, it costs less than other brushes of similar quality.

Since weddings are all about chatting and laughing and drinking and eating, I find that a lip stain lets me do all that without worrying about how my lips look. The Body Shop makes a lightweight gel version in a slightly-cool red. It goes on sheerly for a boost of healthy-looking colour, perfect for Spring. Double-duties as a cheek stain too!

As for the perfect nude mouth... I truly don't believe that there is one nude lipstick that is flattering for all. You simply have to get out there and try on a bunch of colours to see what works best for you. But to acheive an innocent, ethereal look, I cannot wait to try on the new Blushing Daisies Powder. Aside from the adorable compact, the shimmering shades (in Light Pink, for my skintone) look like it would be perfect for creating a multi-faceted, angelic glow. The Marula oil in the formulation keeps it silky soft and non-drying, and the different shades in the compact can be used in varying intensities all over the face for that chic monochromatic look that Chase describes (check out the link above for tips).

Many thanks to the Beauty Blog Network and Chase Aston for making this Q&A possible! Be sure to check back in the next couple of days to see what other beauty bloggers had to ask Chase!

Photos courtesy of The Body Shop and Metropolis Japan

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At 2:24 p.m., Blogger Cowgirl Warrior said...

OMG, I lurve Chase. Those training videos were great.
I catch him on City line every once in awhile and it brings back memories of "back in the day".


At 5:14 p.m., Blogger The Glitterati said...

I lurved the Mascaaarrrra! :)

At 12:21 p.m., Anonymous Josie said...

Hello! I've just discovered your site and am now a regular reader. Keep up the excellent product reviews!

At 4:16 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

I use liquid foundation with the body shop foundation brush it gives me a nice smooth cover i love it
nice blog


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