Thursday, February 07, 2008

Fashion Week!

Hey guys, you know what's better than having like 60 cm of snow fall in your town in 1 week?* Well, most things. But I for one, would've been all in favour of ditching all this slush and salt on the roads (my boots!!! my pants!!!) for Fashion Week!

Alas, I was stuck here at home, but fortunately I got to live vicariously through the lucky bloggers from the Beauty Blog Network who are at the tents. Check out the new Fashion Week widget on the sidebar, to get all caught up on the most recent Fashion Week related posts from BBN members. You'll get both runway and backstage coverage, and maybe even some celeb-artist interviews!

As for me, it's time to battle the elements and attempt to go outside. Maybe I can pretend that the treacherous sidewalks are a runway challenge, a la America's Next Top Model...

* Er, not having tornadoes rip through your home, like in some parts of the US, I suppose.


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