Thursday, December 06, 2007

Product Review: Dior Crème de Gloss

Run... RUN, do not walk, to your nearest Sephora or Christian Dior counter. Because Dior's latest lipgloss is worth the workout.

Dior's Crème de Gloss is touted as a creamy lipstick in a gloss. The description from the Dior website, which is obviously and charmingly translated from French to English:

"Its soft and gentle texture as a cream, with the lightness and freshness of a gloss, gives to your lips a "cocooning effect", and offers, with its new ultra flexible applicator, a smooth comfortable film without sticky effect.

With all the wealth of a nectar, Crème de Gloss offers an absolute comfort, thanks to a concentrate of ultra-nourishing ingredients. Immediately smoothed, the smile is durably cared and shaped for perfect lips. Ultimate exploit, 6 hours after application, the hydration of your lips increases by 25%."

This creamy gloss is absolutely gorgeous. It feels AMAZING. (And yes, I have tried other Dior glosses and they're fine, but this knocks them out of the park.) It's a doe-foot applicator, but it's extra bendy, which makes it feel softer on the skin. The gloss is silky and luxurious, without even a suggestion of stickiness. I put it on when my lips were feeling kind of dry, and to my amazement, it felt nicer than some lip balms. A gloss that actually improved the condition of my lips. I couldn't stop smushing my lips together, it felt so good. (Oh yes, quite the sight in Sephora I was.)

I tried on Creamy Almond, the lightest shade, which is a somewhat frosty cool pink. Normally, a colour like that would go on chalky or streaky on me, but this applied like a dream. Crème de Gloss comes in 8 different shades, and they all look elegant and lovely. I'm in lust. I'm in love. Dare I say it? This is the BEST gloss I've ever put on my lips!

The price? Not so best. A cool $31 CAD. But I must have a "smile that is durably cared and shaped for perfect lips"! I simply must! Of course, I can't comment on staying power, but you can bet that I'll update this review as soon as I find that $30 Sephora gift card I have somewhere (xoxo, Ex-Roomie!). I've held on to that baby since last January, and clearly this is the sign I've been waiting for. Cha-ching!

Seriously, why are you still sitting there? Run! Run now! RUN!

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At 8:06 a.m., Anonymous the ex-roomie said...

You still have that gift card?!? I thought it was long spent. But I am very happy about your new lip gloss relationship. May it be a long and hydrating one! :)

At 1:46 p.m., Anonymous Shelby said...

I love this blog! I'm not a huge lip gloss fan, but I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your reviews so so much. I bought the Neutrogena honey rescue lip balm after reading your review and it worked really well. I also share your frustrations about Gossip Girl reruns. Anyways, thanks again. :D

At 3:17 p.m., Blogger The Glitterati said...

Ex-Roomie: Incredibly, yes! But now I just have to find it.... :D Thanks for the blessings, although I'm not so sure who gets to be the blushing bride here.

Shelby: Aw, thanks!! I'm so happy the Neutrogena balm worked for you... I came across the extra one I had bought when I was down in the States, and it made my day. Just in time for the freezing weather too! Now if I can stop missing Gossip Girl when it's a new episode, all will be right with the world.

At 5:26 p.m., Blogger Kat said...

So when we were in the states I went to buy PS Kiss lipstick and the sales lady at Macy's looked at me like I was an alien. SO SAD!
Have you found anything that could be a close second??
Oh, and on another note, check out some of my wedding photos. I love them, hehe.
We should be the first couple there.....

At 1:43 p.m., Blogger The Glitterati said...

Kat: Just popped over there a few days ago, you guys look GORGEOUS!!! I love those photos, they're so much more unique than the typical ones. Did you have a great time in Hawaii?

It's hilarious (and depressing, all at once) when the salespeople don't know about their own hot LE's! I went into Sephora the other day with the express purpose of finding a dupe, but I just couldn't.

The thing with PS Kiss is that it looks really brown, but it's got these purpley-berry-pink undertones. So, when you swipe it on white paper, it goes on brown/burgundy. But when you smear it out, the traces are very cool and purple. Lippies would either match the brown, or the purple, but not both. And the ones that came close tended to be really sheer, which wouldn't give the same texture, obviously. Arrgh!

I'll look again after the holidays, I haven't given up hope! I haven't even touched all the DS brands yet...

Generally though, I do recommend checking out the Mattenes in MAC. Rougette in particular is not at all like PS Kiss, but if PS Kiss were a pink, it would be Rougette. Same vibe, different colour family.

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