Friday, May 19, 2006

Product Review: The Yves Rocher Haul

Hello hello! How are you, internets? You know how sometimes, when you get very little sleep the night before, and you have to be awake and running around all day exhausted, and then you finally come home and can go to sleep? But you can't, even though you're really really tired and really WANT to go to sleep, but you're just too damn wired?

Well that's me! Right now! Thank you Starbucks! Thank you weird-but-nice coffee man at my subway station! Thank you MSG-laden instant cup noodle I had for dinner because I was too tired and spazzy to cook!

Anyway, not much left to do but blog I guess. This post will be all about the haul I got from Yves Rocher a while back. I've already talked about how I liked their Deligloss -- in fact, I went back and got the peach shade too, after my success with the Estee Ginger Fizz. Now that I've been using their other products for a while, I can give you the full report on the Arnica Hand Cream, Phytum Oxygenation Shampoo, and Green Tea Deodorant. (Spoiler: All signs point to Yes! Go Yves Rocher!)

Arnica Daily Moisturizing Hand Cream:

This is my new favourite hand cream, beating out the previous favourite... um... okay, I'm bad, I don't use hand cream regularly. But I will now! This stuff rocks: it's medium-thick and creamy, but sinks in super fast, leaving your skin feeling hydrated and smooth, not slick. The low grease factor makes this a great moisturizer to have at your desk, since you don't have to wait 10 minutes after applying before you can type without leaving smeary fingerprints on your keyboard. The mild soapy scent is pleasant and clean, and does not stick around obtrusively. The lemon-yellow tube contains 75mL (2.5 fl oz.) of product, and usually goes for about $7 CAD, but you can often find it on sale for $3. Oh look, it's on sale right now! Go get some! I just bought an extra tube myself to keep in the car. Good stuff! (Note: the pic is of the Hand & Nail Cream, I can't find one of the regular Hand Cream.)

Phytum Hair Care Oxygenation Pure Air Shampoo:

Gee, for such a long name, this bottle of shampoo is pretty small. Measuring in at a whopping 200 mL (6.7 fl oz.), at least you know this baby won't take up much room in your shower or gym bag. I guess this falls under the category of clarifying shampoos... according to the website, this "purifying shampoo gently eliminates dulling impurities and increases cellular oxygenation to leave hair clean, light and fluffy". I'm not sure about all that cellular oxygenation business, but this IS a great clarifying product. You don't have to use a lot (which is a good thing, considering the tiny bottle!), and the clear light blue gel works up into a nice minty lather. The smell is very unisex and very clean... quite refreshing!

Pure Air Shampoo really did leave my hair feeling clean, light, and fluffy -- a bonus since I am basically on silicone-overload with all the deep conditioners and shine products I use. Also impressive was that it didn't feel too dry or stripping. I DO always pair it with a heavy conditioner though, so keep that in mind. The snap top on the bottle is kind of a bother when your hands are slippery and wet, but the bottle itself is quite cute (which is clearly very important when picking a good shampoo). Normally, this is $7 for the 200 mL, which seems a bit much, but oh g'damn, it's on sale too! I'm going to have to go buy some now. I thought the point of this blog was to inadvertently cause OTHERS to spend money, not cause ME to spend more. Yeesh.

Fraîcheur Végétale Thé Vert Antiperspirant Deodorant:

Okay, this was sort of a random purchase. I wasn't looking for a new deodorant, but I've a soft spot for anything with Green Tea in the name. This stuff sure lived up to its name... it smells wonderfully fresh, like ice-cold sweet green tea with lots of lemon and just the tiniest hint of spice. It's what I wish The Body Shop's Lemon Tea scent smelled like. Instead, TBS' Lemon Tea dries down to Lemon Pledge on me. But I digress. The invigorating scent of this deodorant would work for both guys and gals.

Right, but does it work? Um... sure! I've only used it for normal days (i.e., not crazy active days), and it seems to do a fine job. This deodorant is housed in a stout green bottle with a screw-off top. The clear gel is dispensed via a roll-on ball. The mechanism is kind of pissy... I usually have to shake or otherwise jiggle the roller a bit to get the stuff to come out properly. Not sure if I just have a dud or if they're all like that. But when it smells so divine, I'm willing to forgive. Seriously, I could drink this stuff. Not that I'm saying you should... I actually have it on good authority that licking antiperspirant is a Very Bad Idea. A Very Very Bad Idea. Trust me.

A 60 mL (2.0 fl oz.) bottle normally costs $6.50, but what the hell why is everything I like on sale right now?!?! Seriously people, I just paid tuition, I can't take this kind of pressure!!!

Alright, that's it. I'm ending the post now, I've got some on-line shopping to do. The Visa people are going to love me. And then maybe I can finally get some sleep! Happy long weekend!!

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