Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Product Review: Yves Rocher Deligloss

Ahhh, spring! Is there anything quite like it? All chock-full of metaphor about rebirth and renewal, life, love, youth, etc. Sunshine glittering down, fresh air tinged with fragrant new blooms, the green zing of tender blades of grass... it's enough to make even a die-hard cynic step just a little bit lighter.

The best part of spring? Colour! This is the time when we ditch all those dramatic plums and smokey greys of seasons past, and embrace sheer, fresh, and fruity colour. And one of my favourite ways to celebrate the occasion is, of course, to go make-up shopping!

I visited my local Yves Rocher store in the mall a few weeks back. Yves Rocher is a European line of skincare and cosmetics, with locations in Belgium, Austria, Algeria, and Canada*. I'd never paid much attention to the store until they had their Spring sale. 30 items under $3? How could I resist?

One of the things I picked up there was the Deligloss, part of their Luminelle line of makeup. Honestly, it didn't look that impressive in the tube... just another pinky, shimmery gloss. But what with my addiction to glosses and the sale and whatnot, it ended up in my shopping basket.

As it turns out, this unassuming gloss is perfect for the new Spring look. Trends this season seem to focus on bright eye colour, healthy-looking pink cheeks, and soft & subdued pretty lips. While I admire the barely-there nude lips that models sported on the runways, nude lipcolour tends to make me look like a corpse, which is a look that I can achieve well enough on my own sans produit, thankyouverymuch.

Deligloss in Pink Grenadine seems to be my translation of the nude lip. It's a light, mauvey pink that's got enough colour to add life to my lips, but sheer enough to let some skin show through. It's like a fresh youthful version of a My Lips But Better shade. It smells like sweet yumminess (berries and citrus maybe? I can never tell um, I'm an idiot. It's mango-y & tropical. I think the pink was throwing me off), and the shimmer is very subtle -- no chunky glitter here! Staying power is not fantastic, but it's not atrocious either. It's about on par with your typical gloss.

The tube is slim enough to carry around, and the screw-on cap keeps things neat. The medium-thick gloss squeezes out of a slant tip applicator and is not at all sticky. I suppose you could apply directly from the tube, but I prefer to use my finger. It's pretty sanitary, as you're not digging into a pot to get the product. Deligloss slicks on easily, and while it's not hugely moisturizing (see the Zoya Hot Lips review if you're looking for moisture), it feels very nice on and doesn't dry out my lips.

Sadly, I can't seem to find the gloss on the Canadian website anymore. I'm not sure if this means it's been discontinued, or if they're reformulating the shades or what. I do remember that it also came in a peachy looking colour, and a pale watery pink.

I'm really glad I 'discovered' Yves Rocher. I also bought their Arnica Hand Cream and Phytum Oxygenation Shampoo, and was quite impressed with both. Normally, both those products run in the $8 to $10 range, which is a bit much for the amount you get, but I gather they have sales quite often, so nab them if you see them for cheap! [EDIT 05/20/06: Click here to my reviews of these 3 products!]

Oh, and in other news, I find the template of this blog to be very very blah. I'll have to do something about these colours... I mean, what's with the sickly avocado green, Blogger? I foresee pinks, purples, and all! sorts! of! fun! But that will have to wait until I have time to mess around with codes, so you'll have to bear with me for now, gentle readers.

*Those in the States can order stuff online, but to my knowledge, there are no retail locations in America yet.



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