Thursday, April 17, 2008

Product Review: The Body Shop Brazil Nut Body Scrub & Africa Spa Body Balm

Hey guys and dolls! Not to be harping on a Body Shop theme or anything, but talking about that Q&A yesterday reminded me that I wanted to review their Brazil Nut Body Scrub. Apparently, in some parts of the world, Spring has been sprung for weeks, and you lovely ladies out there have been frolicking in the sunshine and whatnot. But for those of us in Canada (ok, non-BC Canada) and the Eastern parts of the US, the sun has only recently been peeking out from grey skies, and those chilly winds have just begun to calm down.

And so, all of a sudden, I must deal with the dilemma of scaley elbows paired with short-sleeved shirts. My skirts are a-begging to be worn, but my legs are all "Hell no lady, not 'til you get some heavy-duty moisture on us!" What to do when faced with such dermatological unpleasantries and... um, limbs that yell at you?

Scrub and Moisturize!

Let me be the first to say that I hated the Body Shop scrubs of yore. The ones that were in the scent of the Body Butters? They were greasy and oily and sloppy and leaky and just plain not good. But things have changed, my friends! The Brazil Nut Body Scrub, once a sugary hot mess, is now full of creamy, scrubby goodness.

Replacing the sugar granules with crushed walnut shells gives you greater exfoliating power, while the luscious creamy base feels silky and soft. A thin layer of moisture is left on the skin after you rinse off, helping you achieve that healthy, supple glow. And the scent! It's not exactly the same as the Brazil Nut Butter itself, but it is very close, and it's leaps and bounds better than the old one, which had this burnt-sugar and plasticky scent.

To really indulge, I like to slather on some Africa Spa Rich Body Balm after I hop out of the shower. It's fairly light for such a moisturizing product, so it's good for use in the summer (although it does feel a wee bit sticky sometimes). I love this soothing scent (always have), and the $25 price tag doesn't seem so bad now that the regular butters are $22 a pop. (Not that I'm bitter or anything.)

If you have super dry skin and don't mind splurging even more, the thicker Hand and Foot Honey Butter is amazing as an all-over moisturizer. Cute-Helpful-Salesgirl also suggested the Africa Spa Salt Scrub, but I was already sold on the Brazil Nut Butter Scrub. Next time and next paycheque, Salesgirl!

Diligently using these products will banish that scaley, itchy, leftover-Winter skin, leaving you and your gorgeous epidermis to burst forth like... um, some terribly cute animal into some terribly cute springtime scene. And if you've been turned off by some of TBS' products in the past, hop on over there and take another look. Some great classics are still lovely as ever, and some former-losers have been transformed into all-around winners!

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