Monday, February 26, 2007

Oh boooo! Hissssss! Also the Oscars

Aarrgh, I suck. I promise fun things, and then get caught up in the metric craploads of marking I have to do before tomorrow. Marking sucks! And then Wednesday is my super awesome fancy event. That does not suck.

Ok, so there's no time for the promised-post today, but quickly quickly:

I bought shoes! Nine West, on sale! Woo!

I bought a dress! TWO dresses, actually. I have a thing where, to the glee of retailers everywhere, I can never make up my mind, and just buy everything (within reason) so I don't have to make a decision. I still need to decide which dress to wear, but at least I can do that in the pressure-free environment of my own home. Plus I can swish around and twirl and feel all glam without the salespeople thinking I'm delusional.

Speaking of swishy dresses, I caught a glimpse of the Oscars last night. How gorgeous was Reese? Beyonce (during her performance), Queen Helen, and J-Lo (from the neck up only) also looked amazing.

And of course, Nicole Kidman's dress was a work of art. Her ever-smooth face is starting to freak me out just a little though.

Mrs. Forest Whitaker was glowing in yellow; her makeup was ridiculously pretty, although I am undecided about the flowers on her dress. [EDIT: Now that I've actually looked at it, I am on the hate-boat. I only saw her sitting at the ceremony, so I didn't see the GIANT VINES crawling up her backside. Maybe if it was much smaller, and MUCH more delicate. Maybe. At least her front is lovely!] I continue to be baffled by Anne Hathaway's large chest-bow. I always love seeing Emily Blunt anywhere, because it usually means that the delicious Michael Buble will be in tow. Tammy-Lynn Michaels gets my vote for cutest supporting significant other, she was so damn happy for Melissa Ethridge! Plus, she was on Popular, which means she is awesome forever.

Finally, hurray for my girl-crush! I love her to bits and pieces:

Alright, it's back to marking for me. Any thoughts on all the Oscars shenanigans? Did anyone else get the happy feelies when Scorsese won for The Departed? (Btw, I haven't seen Little Miss Sunshine, but I'm pretty sure Marky Mark got jipped out of an Oscar.)

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At 5:49 p.m., Blogger The Glitterati said...

Ack! I forgot! Diane Keaton! She was smokin'. And maybe smokin' something, because that lady was just giddy on stage. Gotta love her, she never really gives a damn. But she did look sharp last night.


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