Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Christening the Office

Relax, this post is safe for work. It's not what you think. For me, christening an office means that for the first time, I...


... pull an all-nighter there. Oooh yeah, it's every bit as fun and sexy as it sounds. Cups of stale cold coffee, discarded food wrappers strewn all about, and napping slumped over my desk and everything. When I do a thing, I go all out people!

Needless to say, the work is still coming at me heavy and strong. I LOVE end-of-term! But because I feel amiss in my blogging duties, and because I need a break from staring at formulas (formulae???) and weird statistical-y symbols that are starting to dance before my eyes, here's a super quick mini review.

Sally Hansen Airbrush Sun. In a word: DON'T.

This is a liquid self tanner. You spray the clear fluid on out of an aerosol can, then rub it in. Then you spray some more on to another part of your leg or arm or torso, then frown in confusion because you can't really tell where you've already sprayed-and-rubbed.

And then you wrinkle your nose in annoyance, because it smells like ... like someone crapped in a Pina Colada. Or something. I don't know, it was just basically awful.

Oh well. The stuff's on now, so you might as well deal with it. So you go off to bed. The next morning, you're greeted by an even WORSE smell. A crapped-in Pina Colada that has now been spiked with that telltale DHA self-tanner stank. Yum!

I couldn't get into the shower fast enough. It's kind of too bad, because the colour was actually okay, if a bit intense. Almost bordering on orange, but not quite. And it did dry really fast after you'd sprayed it on. But the horrible horrible "Tinge Your Pajamas And All Your Sheets" stink makes all of that moot.

I'm glad I only tried it on my legs -- I can't fathom how bad it would have been had I gotten the face version!

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