Wednesday, April 26, 2006

4 things...

1. Broke up with S today. Bit of a bummer. (Um, the break up, I mean, not S.)

2. MAC Select Cover Up has now been deemed mild-to-moderately-bad break-up proof.*

3. My new NYC Pencil & Pout glosses arrived today! Much love for these -- possible review to follow. Ebay rocks!

4. The Beauty Brains answered my question about hair restructuring treatments! Very honoured to get such a speedy reply, and from the Left Brain, no less. (As a linguist, I am bound by the laws of geekdom to favour the left brain, although I do also love the ability to recognize faces and mentally rotate shapes and whatnot.) As I suspected, the "restructuring" hype is basically bogus. Read their response here while I go cry in the corner about the 14 bucks I basically wasted on TIGI Dumb Blonde. (How aptly named!)

* Oh what, did I just use my personal strife and life drama as a segway into talking about a freakin' concealer? Fuck grad school man, I could make much more money as a souless Hollywood ad exec.


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