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SYTYCD: Real-time!

Okay, so it's the first "real" episode of So You Think You Can Dance Canada, and it's so so hot that I must post. In real-time, because I"m too tired to write a real post!

8:10 - First up: Arrasay and Nico. Yay! Arrasay is my 2nd favourite ... she's so damn cute, and then she dances and it's just a firecracker of sexiness, but she manages to be fun and sassy at the same time. It's a Latin number, which of course is no problem for Cuban-trained Arrasay. Nico holds his own, though it's hard to stop watching Arrasay. Not too enraptured with the guys on this show, but Nico is probably my favourite. Because he's hot. And French.

8:15 - Oh hey! I can actually VOTE instead of just ranting and raving in this SYTYCD! Nifty! I think this pairing (Arrasico?) will do well, because everyone loves those movies about the sweet cheerleader who hooks up with the sensitive bad boy, where she brings a beam of sunshine into his solitary world, and he sheds his tough demeanor to show her his tender and protective side. Right? Right?? Oh, just me? Ok then.

8:20 - Natalli & Kevin. Oh, Natalli. I don't *really* have a problem with her, I mean she is obviously fierce. But her dancing is kinda... I don't know, overly sexualized? Also a bit spastic. Like a ratings play. They have to do Hip Hop... this should be no problem for Natalie based on her slammin' hip-hop/latin solo...

8:23 - Holy crap, it's like MJ in his early days up there.

8:23 - Kevin is not sharp. Natalie is. Oh look, she's sticking out her butt. How unpredictable.

8:24 - Haha, Leah just called them out for dressing like sluts. Luther just compared them to cartoon mice?? Mmm kay. Blah blah blah "technically imperfect, but Natalli's bod is so slammin' we weren't even looking" blah blah.

8:25 - Tre thinks they did not "kill it", but they did "hit it". "I'm not gonna hate, I'm gonna participate, and congratulate." Wow.

8:25 - Jean-Marc is baffled by Kevin's ice-blue eyeshadow, which sparkles past his temple and right into his hair. Okay, maybe that was just me again. Anyway, it's all very Blades of Glory.

8:27 - AHHHHH! Bre! My total total fave! Whitby represent!! Francis is... French? I don't really remember him, but whatever, BRE!!!! Even her nails are hot.

8:30 - Bre looks like Aunt Becky, but blonde and sparkly. And not on that godawful new 90210 show. Wheee, spinny lift! Weird to see sharp reaches in waltzes, but hey, the song is kind of strange too.

8:30 - OMG! Dance-makeout! God Leah is annoying.

8:31 - Luther you are a booooo suck-face. Your MOM's just kinda ~here~. Okay, fine, the dance really wasn't *that* great. But Blake's "you feel like a natural...grandmother" line was harsh, esp since we know that he probably starts every morning by belting out "Natural Woman" into his hairbrush.

8:32 - Tre feels the same as me about the lack of smooth in smooth-waltz. Whatever, I'm so voting for Bre and her strange FoodTV Chef-looking partner.

8:37 - Why are all ballerinas named Allie? Oh well, Calgary woot! At least I don't hate her like I hated that Jessie girl from The Season of Benji. This Danny dude sure likes jumping on other dudes.

8:39 - Jive! I miss Benji. Apparently man-humper is good a jive, good for him.

8:40 - I love how they put Allie in a tutu even though it's Jive. They do look cute together.

8:41 - Oh those were some painful looking lifts. Allie looks confused during the last part.

8:42 - Please, please Leah, do NOT wear Allie's skirt. I think we've seen quite enough of your legs.

8:42 - Luther totally wants Allie. Or he has a mouse fetish, I don't know. Really? Fave performance so far??? Huh.

8:43 - DON'T TAKE THE SKIRT. Stupid Leah.

8:45 - Hey wait! This is shot in Toronto. I live in Toronto. How do I get in on some live-audience action?

8:50 - Who is this Kaitlyn girl paired with Issak? I have no idea. Haha, they're too young to know what Broadway is.

8:51 - Issak, you totally go around slapping random ass back home in Prince George, don't even lie. And note to choreo guy: it's illegal in some places for these kids to "get to know each others' bodies more".

8:53 - The ass-grab looked decidedly uncomfortable. What is with all this ass-gesturing? I've seen Chicago and there wasn't this much ass in the whole movie. WHAT is Issak doing, breasfeeding?

8:54 - Tre: "I don't see your full reality yet". Huh?

8:56 - Commercial break. Does anyone know if drinking expired almond milk will make you sick? Guess we're about to find out.

9:01 - I am kind of scared of Lisa, but also want to maybe have a beer with her. Or have her teach me about the gym, girlfriend is ripped. Vasson is French and cute. So many French!

9:03 - Why do contemporary dancers always have one pant leg rolled up?

9:04 - I LOVE Lisa's dress!!!(Also her trend-sensitive grey dance pants) Emily Rossum sings? I thought she was an actress. But the dancing... OMG! They are pretty much fan-frickin-AWESOME.

9:05 - Oooh, I just got goosebumps a little. That was really really really good. And it made Luther "get it".

9:07 - Yes Tre, I did inhale during the performance. Thank you for pointing that out.

9:13 - Who is Lara? She looks about 30, and looks just like Christine Taylor, actually. Oh Miles is the Justin Timberlake wannabe! And they get disco, nice.

9:15: - Yay, white Go-Go boots! LOVE her outfit. And the sparkles. And the hair.

9:16: - Heeheee! Disco hands! Keep that groove train rollin'!

9:18 - Kiss?? What kiss? Where was this kiss? I missed a kiss? God I wish I had TiVo.

9:19 - Oh my, that is a nice lil hip thing that Miles does, isn't it. They do make a rather gorgeous (and flexible) couple.

9:20 - Oh. My. God. Romina is in a tacky plastic French Maid outfit. This can't be good.

9:27 - Romina totally looks like Nelly Furtado, so it is surprising that she does not hip the hop. Her booty roll is bombastic though.

9:28 - Oh wow, did she just grap his *nipple*?? On another note, we now know that Leah is desperate and trampy. Know even more, I mean.

9:30 - Blake is really fond of the phrase "pull up". If I ever have a SYTYCD Canada marathon party, that will totally be the trigger phrase for the drinking game. (Of course there would be shots and a drinking game at my SYTYCD party, what kind of person do you think I am?!)

9:37 - Tamina is ridiculous, she looks all of 12 years old. But she is so cute and so fun you can't help but like her. Joey (more Calgary yay!) is the embodiment of a contemporary boy. He's got contemporary eyes!

9:39 - Tamina has some nice kicks, for being a girl from the booty-shaking section of the dance world. Her hands bother me though. And that crotch-mashing hip shake was totally not Tango.

9:40 - Leah. These outfits are for DANCING. Unless you are going to take up semi-professional dancing, that just makes you whorish if you wear them.

9:42 - Poor hands-in-pockets Joey. I have the same problem, I never know where to put my hands. It's either pockets or hip, so I perpetually look either shy and defensive or really indignant.

9:43: - Oh darlin' Tamina. "Well we did our best." So cute.

9:43 - Oh my god, the Clover Leaf Energy Zone is either the stupidest or most brilliant thing ever. I loved the random "let's grab our 1.5 seconds of fame" dance troupe doing their carefully-rehearsed choreography. Hilarious!

9:47 - Caroline is another girl I don't remember. Oh boo hoo, she does not have the "best body for dance"... what does that mean? Donyelle had twice the booty you did and look how far she got. Jesse looks like he's throwin' down some kung fu on the dance floor.

9:49 - Hee hee! There are not enough orangne suits in the world. Woah Jesse, that was a weak jump.

9:50 - Oh god, this looks like a hot mess. The strip-tease didn't help.

9:53 - Wow, the judges are being pretty generous. I really didn't think it was that entertaining, but then I've never been asked to dance jazz-pop while wearing an afro, so what do I know.

9:55 - Could they possibly cram any more corporate sponsorship into this? Not only did Leah have to mention Roger's name, she had to spout off their tag line too? Way to whore-out. (But hey, if that's what makes this show possible, then so be it.)

Okay, and that's a wrap! Aren't you glad I don't do this normally? Editing and concentration are the only things that shelter you guys from the inane ramblings that go on in my head. Don't worry, I won't make this a regular thing. But I will toddle off now to vote! Catch ya later!

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At 9:25 a.m., Blogger Cowgirl Warrior said...

I'm so happy your blogging about this, I have to admit I was waiting for the top 20. Watched a bit of the auditions and was very happy to see figure skater boy not make it to the top 20.
Leah needs to calm down a bit, I adore Jean Marc, not sure on the others. Though I did enjoy Blake trying to be position (so Canadian) as in everything else I've seen him in he's not so nice.
Looking forward to your reviews of upcoming shows :)


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