Friday, February 24, 2006


Y'know, blogs are great. They let you bitch and whine to an anonymous public (er, I mean, "captive audience"), and you can rattle on as lengthily and as often as you like about the most mundane things in the world that are of interest to no one but you. Sort of like a best friend, I guess, except you never have to send it birthday cards, and it never gets mad at you when you're really late for lunch.

Of course, a blog also lets you talk about things that you wouldn't even let your best friend know, for fear that s/he will realize what a mean/shallow/hypocritical/all-of-the-above person you really are.

Naturally, you'll find only terribly interesting and intelligent things on this blog. All high quality, very informative* stuff, I'm sure. With just a few intermittent paragraphs about the highs and lows of my romantic endeavours, stresses of my laughably-easy life, and other such trivial details. You probably won't even notice it amongst the Shakespeare-worthy prose.

Right. Let the games begin!

*Well, I might, like, post some recipes or product reviews from time to time. That counts, right?


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